What Can Bring a Smartwatch with Android Wear to Your Day to Day

It seemed that the smartwatches were in the doldrums, because just this year it has presented nothing remarkable new and less with Android Wear, until the arrival of the SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100, which at the moment Nixon Mission has left. Despite his absence during the Mobile World Congress, the manufacturers are betting on these smart watches, with a broad portfolio available in companies like LG and Samsung (although this latest venture by Tizen).

As happens to many people, my opinion about the smartwatches was quite skeptical until a year I have a 1st generation 360 motorcycle. It is perhaps not the revolution that some expected, but for me it provides functions that today I would be hard insustituibles. Every day I leave only rest at night.

Looking for sense

My use is mainly intended to notifications. If you’re in a meeting, working or you’ve simply stayed with friends and not you can be looking constantly mobile, it is very satisfying to see directly on your wrist with a simple look if you reached this post or that message of WhatsApp you were waiting for.

All notifications that you receive on your device also become clock, where we can interact with each one of them. With apps like WhatsApp, Hangouts, or Telegram voice you can send text, thanks to the synthesis of voice messages.

But this is not the only thing will you do talking. With your voice, you have total control of the smartwatch: You can do a quick search for Google Now, make a call by phone, add a reminder to your calendar, set an alarm, create a note in Google Keep or watch a path created in Google Maps. For me it is much more intuitive to do it on the screen, but hey, Android Wear gives you the option, saying no.

Actually, all these features make your life a little easier because It changes the way to interact with the phone every day. You take it and lit it fewer times, are less aware of it, call less attention when you’re with people while staying informed and step, spend less battery.

But no, it’s not much less essential. For this feature there are those who have enough with smartbands as the Xiaomi MiBand, and by a twenty part of the cost yourself a smartwatch. Even several of the latest phones are betting on the ‘Always On’ screen (S7, G5, Nexus, Moto X), allowing us to take a quick look at mobile. Already told you about this option and how have Ambient Display on any device.

Music and Fitness go hand in hand

Android Wear opens up a range of possibilities athletes, and not only professionals, everyone that makes a little exercise. There are dozens of applications for running, cycling, walking or any other type of exercise. In my bike 360 I have installed two apps that are perfectly complementary each other, for when you do any other more intense activity both my daily rhythm.

To carry a follow-up of the steps and calories burned use bike Body (download Google Play), an application that uses the internal Pedometer Watch perfectly and really accurate. When it comes to run or do squats, I prefer Google Fit (download Google Play). With it I can control the distance travelled, speed and time of session, forcing us to activate the location for proper operation. Both applications read your beats, provided your smartwatch have heart rate sensor.

Lover or amateur fitness, the value it can bring a smart watch is very high. Although we are back to the same situation before, a smartband can do almost the same and for less demanding users will suffice them, Although obviously it does not reach the same accuracy far. In addition, if you choose a smartwatch with integrated GPS as Sony Smartwatch 3 or the 360 Sport bike, you will not need take your home terminal.

But, and my music? How am I going to go running without music in my phone? There are applications like Google Play Music (download Google Play) that allow you to save your playlists favorite in the internal memory of the smartwatch. Connecting a bluetooth headset and you have the complete kit. And speaking of music, I think it is very intuitive to listen songs with Shazam (download Google Play) without drawing the mobile.

As you read, depends on your daily rhythm, you will get one kind or another application. Back I wanted to leave the famous launcher, Internet browsers, readers of PDF or games, since it seems a genuine chorrada install this sort of thing on a device with just inch and a half of screen.

A different watch every day

The last option is not really a daily utility, is more of a daily treat. The smartwhatches offer an opportunity that can become routine that not everyone can afford: change clock every day.

In my 360 motorcycle it is missing a good pack of watch faces. I like to be changing the face of the watch every so often, and it can make you a good collection between the free and which cost 0.99 euros. Right now I’m trying the of a usTwo (download Google Play), the creators of Monument Valley. Its attractive and minimalist design has made me opt for this option, but there are millions of apps that deal with this.

Even with some tools you can create your own fields. With the current designs of traditional court, interchangeable bracelets and customization of screens an Android Wear can be converted in a chameleonic fashion accessory and I expect stylists will begin to take it into account sooner that later.

Question of convenience and purchasing power

This is what brings a smartwatch with Android Wear to my day to day: simplify communications, motivate in the exercise, accompanied by music and dress. Honestly, I am very satisfied with the bike 360 and think that its characteristics are very useful. Or, rather, very comfortable, because they simplify many processes that now rely on to Pocket.

It is also true that due to offer left me pretty good price, but if I had to spend the Fortune calling some companies for their watches, it would not have done it. There are some very affordable but the price makes quite the difference between models and continues to be a complement to the mobile, therefore it is double expenditure.

To this day, Android Wear is still a little green, is a very interesting platform which so far does not extend beyond quantifying and notify because something will pick up on the other functions it offers, starting with the browser. In my case it gives me enough, but I do understand that the majority of consumers do not see what interesting.

And you, do you have an Android Wear? How you think that the system should grow this year?