Westwing Guide to Country Lamp

If you have a point of decoration, that goes well beyond the detail and deserves all care, this is the lighting. It is through it that we can create the desired mood, highlight details or hide the disadvantages of the environments. Source of warmth and tranquility, knowing how to choose the right lamp is very important. A piece that inspires a lot of charm, tranquility and that will make your home even more beautiful, is the country lamp.

The country lamp can be found in different shapes, colors and materials.However, all guarantee a cozy lighting typical of this style. This piece is ideal for those looking for a décor that leaves the house at a calmer pace, perfect to forget the rush of routine. Get inspired with the suggestions Westwing has prepared on this page and check out our unique selection of products to revamp your home decor.

Country Style Decor

Sometimes all we need is to slow down and reassure the pace of our routine.This is not always possible in daily activities, but you can bring this calm into the décor of your home. The country style brings to the decor the air of the countryside and the farm climate. With a climate that combines warmth, comfort and functionality , the country style guarantees a lot of charm to any environment. Worn-out furniture combines rustic fabrics and a natural color palette.

How To Choose The Ideal Country Lamp

Although it belongs to a style, the country lamp is not unique to this environment. Combining the pieces harmoniously and respecting the colors of the environment, the country light can be incorporated into different rooms of the house. However, before you set which model to buy, you should think about some details and plan your décor considering all the features.

Location: Every room in the house requires a type of lighting. So before you buy your country lamp, see where the piece will be placed. The more intimate areas of the house require a more subdued and warm light. Already social or study spaces, call for a clearer and fuller light.That is, when choosing, consider that kitchen fixtures are different from those that will be placed in the room, for example.

Size: Set the room where the country light will be placed, it is easier to decide the size of the piece for your home. Of course, the dimensions are also related to the intensity of the lighting you want. The country lamp is a very charming piece, so it deserves due attention in the decoration.

Material: The country lamp, just like this style, can be made up of different materials. However, all must have a more rudimentary, with worn finish, typical of the parts of the field. There are models of metal, wood, MDF or natural fibers. See which fits your home better and turns the space.

Design: Forget the delicate shapes and very fancy, the country lamp is simple and rustic. You can bet on a square , round lamp or other more common shapes . The focus of this country light fixture should be turned to an almost handcrafted look with few details and grosser shapes.

Bind the country light to give a different touch to your décor, create an ambience in this style or bet in the contrast of modern spaces.

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