Wedding Makeup 2015

The perfect makeup for the bride 2015 seconds stylists: elegant and natural. A perfect “bridal” style that gives allure romantic and sophisticated, but also discreetly sensual.

The bride make up for 2015 ? Elegant and natural. A decree-once again-the designers, as well as new collections dedicated to the summer have chosen in most cases a trick just mentioned but at the same time sophisticated and impactful.

A trick, in short, ideal for an important occasion, such as the marriage: the make up of the “best day”, in fact, must enlighten the bride and give her romantic allure and discreetly sensual, without excess or extravagance.

Skin healthy glow or white as milk

A perfect complexion is critical to enhance the makeup of eyes and mouth and for 2015 the designers were divided between supporters of a healthy skin and colored by the “open air”and a face as white as milk . Two choices that evoke different suggestions, one inspired by rural themes, the other that refers to the protagonists of fairy tales, but also simple and elegant, to be copied by choosing products that unify and brighten your face naturally.

For a skin bonne open air mine as that seen at parades event dedicated to emerging designers Ones to Watch, the ideal is to apply a perfecting primer as Kiko Perfect Base Corrector , and then use an enhancer of complexion, for example the fluid radiant effect multi action Les Beiges of Chanel, real ‘custom-built’ like that, thanks to a complex of plant cells of cotton flowers and white rose, a derivative of hyaluronic acid and a filter UVB SPF 15 makes the skin glow ” like after a day in the open air “. A result to be completed with the natural powder radiant effect SPF 15 / PA ++ of the same line, which prevents the unsightly shine and sets the color for a long time.

The complexion of the models porcelain Ralph Lauren, however, you can be achieved using a base perfecter matte effect, for example Dior Pore Minimizer, specific to refine skin texture and smooth fine lines, and applying a smoothing foundation, enlightening and silky as Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation . The result thus obtained is then ‘turned on’ with a touch of blush on the cheekbones, choose a product like the illuminated face effect face powder Essence So Glow!.

Touches gold and multicolor eye pencils

The happiness and the beauty of the brides goes to 90% by the look, that must be the protagonist of the make up, but not too much that they do lapse into vulgarity. A risk that you do not run if you choose to be inspired by the make-up seen at fashion shows in 2015, with eyes lit by eye shadows in shades of gold and orange to be a wise use of and highlighted pencil, used not only in classic black, but even in unusual colors like green.

Creative event young Ones to Watch, for example, have proposed a glimpse of orange banner with eye shadow to illuminate the upper eyelid and the lower and just a touch of mascara. A make-up simple but effective, to be copied with Pupa Vamp! Cream Eyeshadowin 500 Apricot nuance or with Mac Cosmetics Divine Night Mineralize Eyeshadow in shades Exquisite Ego and Until Dawn, applied on a base eyes like Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion , and a mascara which separates, hair and lengthens lashes, for example 24Ore Absolute volume of Deborah. A similar makeup has also been seen by Stella McCartney, but has replaced the orange with gold, such as eyeshadow Kiko Colour Sphere Eyeshadow in the two shades Mélange 16 Gold and 30 Gold.

The designers who have chosen to focus on the pencil, however, have used it to draw the internal eyes or, alternatively, the rhyme of the upper and lower eyelid. The first school of thought belongs Pucci, who has opted for a trick with a vaguely retro feel, made ​​with a black pencil with an intense color as Rimmel London ScandalEyes Khol Pencil , while Thierry Mugler chose to define the look with a sudden and often short on upper eyelid, to copy with a pencil high pigmentation Aqua eyes of Make Up for Ever, and thai-British designer Ong-OAJ Hover dared drawn eyes of green, with a pencil to color the inside of the eyelids and to lengthen the efore the bottom along with a pearl eye shadow. A make particolarissmo and sophisticated, to be played with the pencil Dessin Du Regard in the shade 14 Excentric Green and eye shadow Ombre Solo 14 Satin Silver, both of Yves Saint Laurent.

Lips: lipstick and gloss in neutral and natural tones

After the great feast of lipsticks and lip gloss with intense colors and provocative, the make-up for brides tip of neutral and natural tones.

On the basis of what was seen at fashion shows during Fashion Week in all major fashion capitals, therefore, the lipstick is preferred mat, choosing for example Lipstick Matte of Diego Dalla Palma, in shades Beige, Beige Warm and Orange, and the new Miss Pupa Velvet Mat of Pupa, while the gloss should be bright and plumping, as Collistar Gloss Design and Phyto-Lip Gloss by Sisley Paris, available, among others, in shades Nude, Beige Rosé and Rose.