Wedding Invitation Paper: See the 7 Most Common Styles

Still undecided about the choice of your invitation ? Check out the most common types of wedding invitation paper and hit the right one in your decision.

Do not let the nervousness take over now. Wedding invitations are a very important part of celebrating the happiest day of your life. They should be a preview, an announcement of the ceremony and the beautiful party that is to come.

Invitations should have the bride and groom’s face , print, plus information, personality and taste, and be in keeping with the whole theme and mood of the wedding.

But what about paper? Many couples think about what goes on the invitation, but not on the materials that should be used, a big mistake, because that is an important choice.

Therefore, we have separated for you the 7 most commonly used types of wedding invitation paper. Get out of indecision.

Most used wedding invitation paper types

1 – Cardboard Paper

Want a sturdy material? Go from paper to carton. Other papers may also become stronger with the correct weight. Never choose a very thin invitation or it will become more fragile.

2 – Paper Aspen

Aspen paper is for those couples who want more sophisticated wedding invitations. The aspen is more delicate, although the paper-card invitations can also be elegant.

3 – Paper VergÉ

The parchment paper gives an air of antiquity to the wedding invitations via remzfamily.

4 – Linen Paper

Linen paper is a mark of delicacy and elegance.

5 – Vegetable Paper

Very delicate, the vegetal paper used for the invitation comes to have a transparency. There are also special vegetable papers, which are thicker, but more expensive.

6 – Textured Paper

Textured papers give a very beautiful effect to wedding invitations. There are a variety of types of texture that can be used to give charm to wedding invitation paper.

7 – Recycled Paper

There is also the ecological role or seed paper, plantable paper. It is one that you can reappropriate by actually planting. Really. Lay the paper down and see the shoots appear. It is a very interesting idea for couples wedding invitations that are known for their taste for nature. It does not enter the list of most used, but has been conquering many couples.

The truth is that invitations and paper should not be chosen just by trend or by what is most used or even by what would be more original, more original.

You should choose what pleases you most, which has more to do with the tastes and lifestyle of the couple. Whether you are more traditional or more modern, this will influence your choice.

It’s no use being impersonal and not taking into account the couple’s individuality. By the way, weddings should not be impersonal. It is the moment that the couple has to feel at ease and do everything their way, from the wedding invitations to the choice of sweets.