Wedding Dress: Your Choose

The occasion more special in the life of a woman’s time and that she wants to be beautiful the most beautiful of all.
And the wedding dress needs to be thought of fondly, the professional that you chose to make your dress is there to help you in the choice and details of the costume. With a wealth of experience the professional can give you tips on which model suits you best, because there are important details with time, silhouette, breasts, waist, fabric, color, modeling, the accessories and the personality of the woman who will walk down the aisle.


Classic: Princess neckline and embroidered application are elegant models.

Romantic: ruffles, bows, lace and feminine model Turtleneck neckline.

Modern contemporary style calls for straight cuts, modernity through exaggeration, with bulky and asymmetric wedding dresses from etaizhou.

Physical Type

Evasê Cutting and Empire: ideal for the lowest, he stretches the silhouette, plus cover the volume of the stomach and hips.

Mermaid Shape: very fair, is indicated for brides in shape.

Languid: will also mark the ways for fluid fabrics and trim.

Shot: the Princess style must have the well marked to contrast with the volume of the skirt and not get fat.

Manga: bufantes, long or short; bet on them, if you have fat arms. The strapless will evidence them.

Sparkles and embroidery on the dress: the brightness is also permitted during the day, but must be used in small quantities.