Wedding Dress Design From Bavaria

Is wedding dress Designer from Bavaria – there? Admittedly, as I engaged me fresh a few months ago on the first tentative search for a matching dress made, would be not in the dream occurred to me times to search for regional providers in the State of Bavaria.

Wedding dresses, so my naive idea at the time, come Paris, at best from Berlin from London, New York. But in Bavaria? Today, I’m a little bit smarter and introduce you the designer Bettina Hancock with their label, therese & Louise . Clothes are-no, not Munich… No, also not Nuremberg or Augsburg-in the delightful town of Wasserburg am Inn. You have a very own style, with the wedding itself says not so “disguised occurs”, the designer.

I have about their inspiration, ideas and the new collection “day at the Lake talked to her”.

How did the idea to therese & luise?
I have worked to my tailor and visiting the master school in Munich in an atelier for evening and bridal fashion. The clothes there were very unconventional, this affected me very much.

To what extent?
I was not the usual glitter with Ruffles. The basic concept of therese & Louise is the simple wedding, the bride as Princess wants to occur, which like the simple and disguised himself not to feel not necessarily. This reflects the current collection-the idea was to design simple, reduced dresses that are suitable for a wedding in the open air. That’s why the collection is called “Day at the Lake”.

Compared to all the lace wedding dresses and great robes that dominate on blogs and in magazines, seem very plain dresses by therese & Louise – what to tell the customers?
When I founded the label 2011, there was this a central moment: we were at a fair in Munich, and many women who came to our booth, sighed relieved and said: finally something different!

And therese & Louise stays true to continue this policy?
With safety! We just are already working on the collection for 2016. The reduced remains a huge issue, but we want to offer a few more large models that are still not overloaded. I just think that you can implement the long, flowing models modern as many designers do it.

Where can you because look at the clothes-and especially try?
We are present since the beginning of 2014 in ten bridal shops, mainly in Bavaria, for example, in the vicinity of Dingolfing, Munich and Augsburg. And soon also in our own showroom in Wasserburg, we are shortly before the opening. Once we have received the customers in our Studio, but we can do this time simply no longer. We make everything crafted Yes still.

That is, that the dresses are also customizable?
Yes, of course! There are for example customers, which like the bodice of a dress especially well, but they want to better combine the rock of to a different dress or another substance.

Where do the fabrics come from actually?
We try to relate most of European producers-original, French lace is very important for us.We get some things even in organic quality-I would refer Yes like all substances from biological production, but unfortunately the offer in the area is still low. Me, it is just important that it’s understandable where the yarn come from. I would like to know how the product comes about.