Weaving Ideas

There are several types of tissue and of course different prices. But it is possible to find beautiful options for R $7.50 (the linear metre).

Colorful Headboard
You don’t have to be a great seamstress to make a headboard like this. Here, a curtain rod was installed on the wall, and several tracks of beautiful fabrics were placed on him superimposed and no sewing. The important thing is that you have at least 2 m so that the headboard keep at least 1 m high. This idea is cool because you can change the fabric where sick or make different compositions according to the bedding of the day.

Creative Canopy
As this room did not have a lot of depth (only 2.90 m), a conventional canopy would leave the heavy atmosphere. The architect Patricia Molina found the solution: fixed two wooden handles in white lacquer (which can be replaced by a conventional paint) on the ceiling and a scarf of voile architects ‘ on them.The creativity of the architect resulted in a room of Princess, betting on a simple idea and delicate.

Play With Colors And Textures
Merge colors so vivid and different can be a little complicated and tenuous line of marginally cheesy. However, the interior designer Erika Karpuk gave liveliness to the room following a rule effective: the neutral base. Such a feature has enabled dare in the egg-yellow blanket at the foot of the bed and the pillows super color. And you can do the same, to buy fabrics of different colors and create covers for your cushions. This can apply to the room. It is a cheap and effective way to rearrange the House.

The Redesigned Mobile
That old dresser or closet can be fully renovated just applying tissue. You can combine several types and prints or bet on one. This (pictured) is a fabric adhesive wall sticker at Franciscogardening.com that can be placed on any smooth surface. The advantage is that you can do yourself. The model (“Bandana”), is of tricoline (cotton) and leaves from R $45 roller with 0.47 m wide and 1 m long.

Light Decorated
This colorful pendant was a good resource to achieve a result and beautiful without having to spend a lot-since the idea was a lamp with large dimension to stay on the dining room table. It took 2 meters of this colorful cotton for lining the dome and it combines well with the Red of the wall in the background. The Office & Saints Saints Architecture indicates use cold light preferably not to burn the tissue.