We Review All The Rumors of The Nexus Prime

Many people hope that in the event that Samsung and Google prepare for the upcoming October 11 present the Nexus Prime. For what so important? Because the Nexus range are official phones for developers of Android and every time Google launches a new terminal is almost as if he will start the next generation of Android, marking the recommended requirements and premiering a new major version of Android, in this case Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Rumors that have circulated on the net about the Prime Nexus have been quite a few. At first it seemed that he was going to make LG but it seems that it will finally be Samsung model GT-i9250, Although there are rumors that point that this model will be called Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a name that seems quite strange. Then we will see How might be the Prime Nexus.


Here almost all the rumors have been agreed. The Prime Nexus could carry a 4.5 or 4.65 inches screen with resolution 1280 × 720 p. Knowing that this manufactured by Samsung could finally take one screen SuperAMOLED HD 4.65 inches, the same as the newly presented Samsung Galaxy SII HD LTE


The processor is where most rumors there has been. Bet on quad-core Tegra 3 processor was reached in principle but it was discarded because until the coming year they would not be ready. Then you said that your processor would be manufactured by Texas Instruments, in particular would lead the dual-core 1.5 GHz OMAP4460 processor, but now come rumors that could not be ready for the launch of the Nexus Prime and that could lead the OMAP4430 overclocked up to the 1.2 GHz.

But here is the thing, now Samsung has announced its new 4212 Exynos dual-core processor at a frequency of 1.5 GHz, consumption of 30% compared to the previous generation and a GPU that promises 50% more performance. Many already take it for granted that this is the Prime Nexus processor.


The RAM memory few rumours there, is expected to tell with a 1GB of RAM, like most mobile dual-core now, although you could use the technology of the dual channel to increase performance thanks to the simultaneous to two different memory modules access, as does the LG Optimus 3D.

Connection with internal memory it takes for granted that will be of 16GB and unlike the Nexus S if you have card reader microSD to expand the memory by inserting a card of up to in 32GB.

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The first Google phone Nexus Prime is expected with recording in HD Thanks to your camera’s 5 megapixel camera. The mobile Google could brand new in Android Ice Cream version for mobiles from your video editor Movie Studio that currently only the available tablet with Honeycomb.

Other details

Could not miss his front-facing camera for video conferencing, the NFC chip and the rest of features that any high-end Android mobile, GPS, compass, gyroscopic, WiFi N, etc, although perhaps the Prime Nexus include a barometer like the Motorola Xoom.


People who say that they have had the opportunity to see the terminal say it’s similar to the Nexus S, with the edges rounded and curved display, Although it seems that it may leave plastic in favor of a metal body to attract more easily to the current users of the Nexus One offering them other mobile with the same quality of manufacture. It is possible to bring a LED notifications, something which is essential for many people and it still touch pads. The above image is a recreation undertaken by us in as it could be and in the gallery we leave other recreation by ciccaresedesign.

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