Waterproof Mascara Tips

If you can not give up the make-up even in the summer and in the gym, the waterproof mascara is what you need. Here are some tips to avoid mistakes.

The waterproof mascara is a cosmetic product that, unlike the traditional mascara, is able to resist water and is ideal for the make up of the summer months. The waterproof mascara, as well as having a long life, is resistant to high temperatures and is therefore perfect for the beach, but also in the gym and in general for those who practice sports and do not want to give up thick and long lashes.
The waterproof mascara contains inside waxes and pigments impermeable to water, humidity and tears so it does not melt, does not drip or stain.

Pros and cons of waterproof mascara

The waterproof mascara has some limitations compared to the traditional starting from the performance. The waterproof mascara, in fact, fails to give volume and thicken lashes, but tend only to separate them and to define them: gives a nice natural touch but if you look for a false eyelash effect is not ideal. The application of waterproof mascara is very simple, but must be spread quickly because the product tends to dry out very quickly and you risk the lump effect. The council is to work one eye at a time, stretching the mascara one or at most twice with a fast, linear motion, starting from the root. Even the removal of the product on is not as simple as the traditional one and you have to use a specific product or as a makeup remover defined on Pauldigo.com for oil-based gel: it can not be removed with a simple make-up remover cleanser.

How to choose the mascara

If you think that the use of waterproof mascara is worthwhile for you have to choose the product that you are going to purchase carefully because not everyone has the same yield.Excellent are those of prestigious brands such as: Dior Diorshow ‘Waterproof Mascara and Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Waterproof . All these mascaras are waterproof and have a good brush and a texure leaving no lumps.
In contrast, the low cost brands often have some flaws starting from the formulations that do not have a high yield and their resistance is disappointing to the point that they take off easily with the cleansing milk.

So unless you want to spend a fortune it is best to choose an intermediate brand as the classic L’Oreal with its Voluminous hydrofuge or proposals Kiko, good products that have a cost of around surroundings at 7 / 10 euro and even less in the case of promotions.