WatchOS 2 for Apple Watch Delayed by an Error

The major update of watchOS operating system in Apple Watch should be sent out yesterday, but an error prevents the Apple i to update clock for the scheduled time.

These days are the really big update days, if you have several Apple products in the home-and yet not.Update for Apple Watch is nowhere to find-contrary to Apple’s own plan.

The reason is that Apple in the last minute has encountered a problem in the software of the new watchOS 2 operating system, which has not been possible to achieve that right before the deadline yesterday.

“We have discovered an error in the development of watchOS 2, which is taking longer than expected to fix. We will not publish watchOS 2 today, but soon “, said a spokesman at Apple yesterday to TechCrunch.

The errors that must be corrected in the new watchOS 2, is not on the comforter. It must, however, seems to be a relatively important part of the system, since the entire rollout be delayed. And when “soon” is, according to Apple, there is no answer.

You therefore need to arm yourself with a good dose of patience, if you wait eagerly on providing your Apple Watch with interactive clock faces, own Apple Watch-apps and the many other changes to the user interface and, above all, the experience.