Watches for Men and Women

Watches And Chronographs-More Than Just Timepieces

Men’s watches and women’s watches are much more than just simple timepiece in our time. You are a fashion accessory and fashion statement at the same time! Here, a watch always expresses the individual style of the wearer or the wearer and thus emphasizes its personality. The trend is even there, to own several watches for different occasions and outfits.

Thus also the wristwatch find that suits your own style, we carry in our gallery a wide range of high quality timepieces for men and women. Selected and renowned German watch brands including Junkers, Zeppelin or bowls are represented, as are hand-picked international fashion labels such as Police or OOZOO or déjà vu.

Immerse yourself in our watches and get to know our brand watches!

Women’s Watches-The Perfect Accessory For Your Wrist

Due to our ladies jewelry we offer a broad yet handpicked range of modern women’s watches. Of course, it may be mentioned that are characterized by their elegant lines and understated dials the designers of abart watches, Boccia and Rolf Cremer. They are the perfect accessory for your evening wear and occupation.

If you like unusual it is for our fashionable ladies watches inspired by Deja Vu. Through the multi-faceted range of quality brand every woman finds her personal dream watch. Déjà Vu has precipitated fashion watches that you can customize to your liking yourself: Replace bracelets and design of the watch will ever taste and mood!

Men’s Watches-Status Symbol And Expression of Character

According to Localtimezone, men’s watches and chronographs for the man of today are more than just a status symbol – the watch underlines the individual character of the wearer.Thus, for each type the right watch model here, we offer a wide range of men’s watches of renowned quality brands: chronographs, automatic watches, pilot watches and fashionable oversize watches.

Our most popular men’s watches are the pilot’s watches and watches of Zeppelin or Junkers. These modern chronograph classic design reminiscent of the pioneering spirit of the first pilots and offer interesting additional functions such as total stations and Kinetikuhrwerk. Asked Stark are the latest watch models for men of Police, Raptor and Just.

All-Round Service for Watch Lovers

So that our customers in to your new long wristwatch can enjoy, we offer the full service, which you otherwise only by watchmaker know. This includes the regular battery replacement as well as the exchange of leather straps, which we can offer at low prices. All changes and exchanges will be carried out by our trained staff.

In any case of warranty we will not let you down. We care about watch repair and complaints and ensure that your clock right back on your wrist! All brands of watches sold by us are equipped with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Even if you have not purchased your watch in the gallery Barkhau, we are always happy for you !

Your Advantages

  • Watches from renowned brand manufacturers
  • Original products with warranty
  • Individual counseling for watch lovers
  • Interested in changing batteries for watches
  • competent exchange of bracelets
  • Repair of watches