Watches Come “Sting” On Public Transport

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Alicante finalizes the launch of a curious new system that will allow users to access the public transport tram, train-tram and city buses simply showing the clock . In principle, the novelty is only available in Alicante and Benidorm. The clock, which will be sold at a price of 35 euros, incorporates the chip “Móbilis” card and allow it to be recharged at the usual points from October. Infrastructure maintains that the implementation of these systems advanced toll on scheduled services public passenger transport offers advantages for the companies operating the service (Allunitconverters and FGV) and the user. The first decrease maintenance costs, and the traveler has the much more comfortable system. Users can recharge the watch like a debit card and access trams and buses just showing the clock to the validating machine. This innovative contactless support will be sold through the web of the Valencian Mobility in watchmaker and authorized kiosks. As an introductory offer will have two free trips. The technical study, on the other hand, expand the range of devices to key chains and bracelets.