Watch – Your Business Card

You wear them even on the wrist? Or are you already in the era of mobile phones to watch dips? Watches are no longer the only measure of time, but also a measure of taste. So pick up a piece that highlights your personality and makes you happy every time you look at the clock. A clock face can even begin. Digi or pointer? If you already have high school behind you, you had better look more for the others. Digital watches are more fads younger, although it is true that sporty types they can not commit even in adulthood. However, if you are looking for at least a casual elegance, choose a watch with hands . Purpose vs. Style it should be emphasized consideration of the practical aspects of the watch. The number of models attracted dials with “invisible” hands or so atypical design, it will take some time before you even find out the exact time.

Although interesting to watch will become a decorative bracelet if in them will not be able to quickly orient. Watch as a calling card Watch reveal much. About your lifestyle, creative or classic creation, for social status … if you work in an area where even visage counts, stay with simplicity in design, quality in the form of a steel strap and also at a reasonable size. Too narrow strap can also be in the eyes of others of your signal diffidence and vice versa strikingly large watch each other work improperly drawn. Additionally, optically widen the wrist.

The whole life … It is good to invest in a timeless piece that stays with you throughout your life. Such a watch should be away from extravagance, gold or silver tinge (whichever you prefer jewelery and wear more often) and sober shape so as to match with most of your jewelry. You can use it any time a rare social occasion. Subject to fashion trends, so it can be set aside in a drawer even decades. Trends bit If you’re looking for vintage watches like WatchTutorials, inspired by the seasonal models of watches, which are cheaper and can be truly original. Pied prodigal … it’s all right for Creative Souls. However, be aware that plastic bracelet wears out quickly and the synthetic substances no time blur. Tune or neladit? To be chic from head to toe? Match your watch with a handbag and shoes, or some piece of clothing, but beware, it’s not the rule, especially not with extravagant models. In the event that adorn your wrist strap noticeable, forget about jewelery or other accessories. You did not cause a convoluted, with this one you get by richly.