Wall Stickers in the Double Room

A selection of beautiful solutions to the wall, in general, most important of the double room – the so-called headboard. This selection was hard to do because you can do so much and there are so many variables and combinations of these things that almost the post does not come out! LOL! But it came out:

This idea, for example: you can make a headboard with similar or similar appearance using wood, mdf, laminate and the like, adhesive, wallpaper… You can take the coating to the side walls – having created mute coupled or not-or Finish a little after the bed. You can add pictures, shelves, mirrors, stickers over it… It can illuminate below, above, behind (if the material used has depth), the sides, or simply have floor lamps, ceiling lamps or wall lamps (or 2 things).

The headboard now in fabric, with a lateral advancement and surrounded by mirrors. You can have mirrors just above or just on the sides. Stretch or not the headboard beyond the bed. The fabric can be flat, stamped, more padded or thinner …. It can be a patchwork of fabrics! It can make the headboard, rather than straight, with curves at the top and can illuminate it in various ways.

Another possibility is the use, above the bedside, of coatings with textures, in 3D or even in reliefs, which can be from wallpaper to fiber boards or ceramic.

Large panels with pictures, drawings of your own fist or whatever you want to do, letters in wood or plastic material, ready-made stickers like this one from the second photo, which you can put in one corner (very charming) or in the center, adding or not The headboard on any of the above (or whatever else you can imagine!). You can even take the whole wall with a photographic panel, sticker or drawing, as in the first photo.

If space permits, shelves, enclosed closets or even a “bookcase” of books and decorative objects

You can also, if you have space or architecture to allow, with drywall or plaster, create niches and illuminate them.

Wooden panels can also be used to create niches, attaching shelves and nightstands.

And in this photo, an example of what I said: Headboard+mirror+wallpaper. And still pictures were placed on paper. Even so, it was not too much, as there is a lot of white and a few different colors.