Wall Clocks with Embroidery Racks

Wall clocks have always been a good decorative appeal and in these times we live more. At one time, today, any electronic device that incorporates a digital clock seems that the main function of clocks has passed the background. Now clocks are more decorative than ever (see this website for details). What you seem to decorate any wall of your home with these colorful clocks ?

Totally made to your taste to show the hours of the most important cities in the world or you most interested in particular.


  • 5 racks embroidery of different sizes
  • 5 clock kits
  • 5 pieces of fabric design
  • Cardboard
  • Pilas
  • thumbtacks
  • Rule
  • Griddle
  • boxcutter
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Hot glue gun

Wall Clock for Home Decor

Freely choose the fabrics you want to incorporate your clocks from phoenixwallclocks.com and prepares the racks, choosing from different sizes to create a more elegant asymmetrical effect. Use the ring as a template to cut the fabric, loosen the screw frame and fabric fits between the rings, tense and tighten the screw frame. Move the iron to remove any wrinkles and trims excess fabric.

Cut two strips of cardboard with the length of the diameter of the ring, marks the exact center of the hoop on the crossing of the two cartons.

Perforates the cartons and enter the shaft clock kit, also have to make a hole in the fabric. All from the rear forward.

Une cartons to the frame with a silicone hot spots. Add the rods to the axis of the machine clock and install the battery, put the watch on the appropriate time and ready.

You can place colored pushpins or decorative shapes to indicate the quarters in each clock. After the installation on the wall you can put each clock to the time in a different city.