Vinyl Leggings

The leegins of vinyl are popular thanks to celebrities such as Riahanna, Victoria Beckham and Kate Most, among others, who have dared to use them on several occasions, since any breakaways until awards shows.

It is that, well combined, the vinyl leggings look spectacularly sexy, especially if you combine them with some high-heeled shoes. The favorite of this type of leggings color is black, that also looks very elegant, if you combine it with a white top, but there are all colors, for example in red, for a most transgressive look, or gold for those who like to highlight.

The advantages of a vinyl leggings:

They are very comfortable, as all the leggings, this is the common factor of this garment that has come to stay, it is so versatile and comfortable as a jeans, but at the same time elegant and versatile.

They are very sexy; This particularity stands out above all in the vinyl leggings.


The vinyl does not stop sweating skin. To be a waterproof material vinyl does not allow your skin to breathe, the toxins are left attached to your skin, so it is not appropriate to use them for many hours.

Difficult to put. Although stretch them a bit, the vinyl Leggings have more “grip” and are usually much more adjusted to the body that the leggings of cotton. So you will need some trick so that “slipping” better within your vinyl leggings. A particularly simple and cheap trick is talc. Sprinkle a little talcum powder in your legs and on the inner side of your leggings and already these ready to glide inside them (nor abuses with talc, not want to muddy it all and remove gloss to latex).

Care of your vinyl leggings:

  • Washed by hand with a mild soap, reminds not to spin them, not put them in the dryer, nor put them to dry in the Sun, or iron them.
  • Beware of special oils and lubricants, may think that it is a good idea to make even more shine your leggings, but you could get that they melted!.
  • Finally a tip, use them at night, for a party, a dinner or a special exit, you’ll look elegant, daring and sexy, forget about using your latex leggings during the day, as well as look vulgar, remember that it is a garment that leaves no sweat your skin, which can take you to have an episode of “bad smells”.