Vintage Makeup Tutorials

A sophisticated trick but simple to implement, as true pin up with red lips protagonists fire and intense look.

The fifties were the years of the pin up of Grease, the divas like Marilyn, Elisabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Liz Taylor. These were the years that led to the Rock and Roll Elvis Presley.

The woman is shapely and seductive but belongs also a reassuring image and innocent at the same time, like fashion and make uo era recount.

In this trick we have a base that must be the same color of our flesh, not as clear as we find for example in the make-up ’20s. So after covering imperfections and dark circles with a concealer suitable, we fix everything with the face powder.

All eye shadows that were used in the 50’s are opaque, contrary to what you think. So we begin by spreading a light cream-colored eye shadow on the entire eyelid and proceed intensifying the look with a matte brown eyeshadow in the crease, forming a crescent.Sfumiamo good eye shadow, bringing it outward to stretch the eye and creating a kind of “v” at the end of the eye. Try to go up while the blended product, otherwise with a gradient that goes down the eye will be sagging and tired, and this is definitely not the result we want to achieve. With the same brown go at the bottom of the eye blending the product and use a flesh-colored pencil and brush by Ask4beauty in the internal rhyme.

With a black eyeliner draw a line that must not be thick, but thin enough and the carry as much as possible towards the outside thus lengthening the eye and ending with a small upturned comma. As a finishing touch we take a white eye shadow  matte and let’s create light points under the eyebrow, blending well with the brown eye shadow with which we created the crescent on the eyelid. A touch of light even in the inside of the eye, near the nose, going to fade the white eye shadow with cream that I put on the eyelid. We finish the eyes with much mascara.

Very important in the fifties are the eyebrows, which become quite thick, perfectly delineated and see gull-wing, a form that still stand today.

Finally we come to the lips that in this make-up are the masters with a nice red lipstick very heated and intense going to draw a smooth, rounded line. We start by using a red pencil to outline the mouth and we go to fill the entire surface so as to create a base for lipstick to make it last longer. A long lasting lipstick is ideal.

As a finishing touch we use a thin layer of blush on Musiche: Jhon Paul Kith and the One Four Fives “Rock n roll will break your heart”; The Piggies “Rock-n-roll tonight”; Bobby Bare Jr “Rock’n roll Halloween”; Rodd Rogers “Rock and roll in black again”; Jhon Wicks and Paul Collins “Rock and Roll Girl”; Outrageous Cherry “It’s not rock and roll”