Vik Hooded Sweater – Jacket By 66 North In The Test

Since our island tour in August 2007 is me the brand of 66 North a term, finally has its roots the outdoor outfitter here and is one of the oldest companies in Iceland. Already at that time collection is the excellent quality and the design of the 66 North we noticed. 

Because of our narrow purse and the strong at this time of the Króna, it was enough North knit hat on our shopping tour in Reykjavík just for a warm 66. They accompanied me but still on very cold days.

Recently the mountaineers now have me to the Vik Hodded sweater fleece jacket of 66 North left to test. The jacket is a model from the so beloved by me Polartec power stretchmaterial. Was tested mostly in everyday life and also in our winter tour through the high FENS.

About Polartec power stretch:

Fabrics from Polartec power stretch are bi elastic and breathable. During exercise, they keep the body dry and provide warmth without weight. The robust outer end of power stretch is wind-resistant and abrasion-proof clothing, while the soft inside off Wicks moisture from the skin and keeps the wearer this pleasantly dry and warm.

The material feels very comfortable next to the skin when you’re wearing only a T-Shirt under it. Otherwise the jacket can be on cold days outstanding as warming 2 layer over a thermos shirt and under a Hardshell. As I here have often pointed out in the blog, the power stretch suitable material only in absolute calm as the outermost layer. It is as resistant to wind or wind-resistant advertised, but yet have very generously through blowing the wind.Advantage of the material is still quite cheap weight and excellent breathability. In the medium size, the Vik weighs jacket just 317 g.

Let’s get to the features of the jacket. The high collar in conjunction with a tight hood and an asymmetrical zipper is probably most striking. As you can see on the photo this combination keeps warm beautiful head and face. To wear the jacket but without a hood, so they hang down always slightly sideways what looks simply comic and sometimes annoying.
Furthermore the Vik hooded jacket sweater still has thumb loops, seam-free shoulders and flat seams. It was then but unfortunately even with the features. At least one Napoleon Pocket would have been desirable and perhaps even a drawcord at the hem.

The jacket is rather small and unfortunately also quite short cut here. Here I would have liked more the one or two centimeters at the back. The sleeves fall pleasantly fortunately long out. The 4-way stretch material which allows total freedom of movement in any situation, however, is excellent.


The Vik hooded sweater by 66 North is a rather simple fleece without many features. I personally not very like the hood and the asymmetric cut is rather disturbing. However, the proven power stretch makes Polartec material as usual excellent work. The jacket is primarily for fans who may have use for such a hood with face shield and abstain from bags for comparatively rather cheap 118,95 Euro.