Viceroy Jewelry for Men

The market of male jewelry increasingly it is gaining more followers, both because of the importance that they are giving brands, notably Viceroy, as the own public.

The first looking to get greater benefit in a rising and the second sector, i.e. ourselves, will add more accessories to our wardrobe.

In my case, I’m not very friend of the ornate looks, better opt for as little as possible, that looks better. But the Viceroy jewelry I am convinced that.

In particular the bracelets, pretty minimalist, with leather as main material with steel. In strings with knots and minimum details.

Or the classic leather with steel trim. I also like because the brand is eliminated almost to disappear, in the case of bracelets stops on one side.

In the pendants the incorporation into the male wardrobe gets more tough and not as widespread as in bracelets. The more simple best. Bet Viceroy jewelry for men by the geometric shapes elongated in steel and leather lace.

Finally there are the twins, two types, the Gemini twins, square and round steel where stones such as agate, lapis lazuli or Obsidian are engarzadas.

And the Twins Exclusive similar but more serious.