Versace: Sunglasses are Inspired by Alice

We said it a million times by now that this would be the spring-summer dedicated to fables, particularly that brought into the world Lewis Carroll, the artistic dad Alice in Today, after one month after the movies of his ideal sequel to Alice in Wonderland directed by the visionary Tim Burton, fashion is totally conditioned by the myth of Alice, and the naive spirit of fairy tales and surreal characters that Alice meets in its path they have contaminated everything from jewelry to shoes, clothing. Why leave out the glasses then?

Problem solved, we thought of the Medusa fashion house to create a collection of sunglasses inspired by one of the most famous fairy tales to today among those who told as small. The eyewear collection spring-summer 2010 collection designed by Versace in fact just as Alice in Wonderland inspired. Classics in the form these unusual sunglasses focus in the styling throughout the magical world of Alice and it ideally retrace the pencil-drawn sketches. Free as unthinkable without having the opportunity to see them up close these new sunglasses are on the market in different shades: of course the classic black and white, or tortoise, but also orange and purple, all decorated with printed designs and color combinations details.

Glasses of course refer to the collection SS 2010 Versace, where the mini-dresses celebrated the wonderful country of little Alice adapting it to the modern era with a triumph of prints often mixed together. What do you think?