Vacansoleil – DCM Pro Cycling Team

Vacansoleil- DCM is next to the second Dutch team Rabobank, which opens at the highest level of cycling. The team has since 2011 a license for the UCI World Tour, and has quickly grown to become one of the favorites in the peloton. This is mainly due to the presence of the rider Johnny Hoogerland, Thomas de Gendt, Wout Poels and Rob Ruijgh in the squad.


In 2008 Daan Luijkx based cycling team on his successful P3 Transfer?? Batavus team. 24 June 2008 Luijkx know that Vacansoleil at 1 Jan 2009 would get a license for the Pro ??Continental class. Vacansoleil, the new main sponsor, would steadily grow in the world, and therefore suggested that the team aims to participate in 2011 at least a large round.
This goal was achieved already in 2009, when Vacansoleil was invited to the Tour of Spain. Sprinter Borut Bozic took out directly the biggest win for Vacansoleil in, by winning the sixth stage. Moments later Vacansoleil started the new season with the purchases they Feillu brothers and Robbie Ruijgh in points. A few months later surprised Vacansoleil to contract throughout the cycling world by Riccardo Riccò. The Italian rider was February 19, 2011, but fired when he was hospitalized for a blood transfusion gone wrong he had done to himself.
In July 2010, the team decided to apply for a license for the UCI World Tour. A few months later confirmed that the UCI Vacansoleil?? DCM cycling season in 2011 would come in the World Tour. During the 2011 season the team has proven to be at the highest level cycling, with riders like Thomas de Gendt, Romain Feillu, Johnny Hoogerland, Bjorn Leukemans, Pim Ligthart, Wout Poels, Robbie Ruijgh and Lieuwe Westra.

Leadership Team 2012

Manager Daan Luijkx has since the formation of the team involved in his current role. De Vlaming Hilaire van der Schueren and Michel Cornelisse’s team leader for the service.

Riders under 2012

Transfers 2012

Incoming transfers:
Kris Boeckmans, Stefan Denifl, Gustav Erik Larsson, Kenny van Hummel, Bert-Jan Lindeman, Barry Markus, Tomasz Marczynski, Jacek Morajko, Martin Mortensen, Nikita Novikov, Rafael Valls Ferri, Kevin van Impe
Outgoing transfers:
Santo Anza, Maxim Belkov, Borut Bozic, Gorik Gardeyn, Michal Golas, Ezequiel Mosquera Miguez, Jens Mouris, Alberto Ongarato, Ruslan Pydgornyy, Joost van Leijen