Use Your Head Not Only to Put the Helmet

The discussion on mandatory or not of the helmet for cyclists will continue for a long time and divided (unnecessarily in my opinion) people in favour and against, making the game of who (like I said) aims to shift the focus from the real Achilles heel. I ask everyone to use your head to think and not as a pedestal for your helmet. Give it a go?

1) what is your helmet? It can limit the damage to the head in the event of an accident, according to transporthint.

2) what causes the crash? Cyclists can fall alone, slip, off balance. However all of the more than 260 fatalities of 2010 (the last year for which complete data is available) always – always – and I stress occurs following a collision with a motor vehicle.

3) what determines the severity of the accident? The consequences of the impact between a cyclist and a motor vehicle are directly proportional to the speed of the vehicle. Invest a person at 50, 75 or 100 per hour is equivalent to push her off the balcony of the third, the seventh or the 13th floor of a building.

4) Need a helmet? In some cases yes, but in the impact with a vehicle traveling at 50 per hour (sometimes even less) no. Several international studies point out that its use reduces insignificant mortality. They all had a helmet, for example, the eight cyclists killed in Lamezia Terme, mowed down by a car.

5) at this point there is the final jeopardy answer: let us assume hypothetically that the helmet will help to reduce mortality among cyclists. It’s about 130 victims less each year. It’s a nice number or not? And save 130 lives would not justify the mandatory helmet? That answer?

And then: whereas the victims are 260 and you can save all limiting speed of motor vehicles, because many (starting from Quattroruote) talk about mandatory helmet and not mandatory a maximum speed for motor vehicles in urban areas by 20 or 30 kilometers per hour? And instead of this helmet is spoken as if for our cities will bypass a sniper and the police, instead of chasing him, he invited the inhabitants to buy himself a nice vest.

We can keep talking for days, months, years, but pedestrians and cyclists killed do not die because they do not have a helmet, but because someone puts them under. You want me to tell you that the helmet is useful? Not only I say, I use it as well. But to save my skin and your helmet, but, unfortunately, it will not be impossible that a car can legally travel at a speed that can kill us.