Types of The Swimwear

We know that depending on what body you have, you can find a bikini that you will favor more or less. There are tricks to enhance the attributes and hide defects, but we must always be faithful to our style. More and more firms that are full-body swimwear. When to use them? Who can use them? The truth is that depending on the tissue and how these can bring them better or worse.

But the truth is that, personally, I like to see them in bodies where endless legs they are the protagonists. But on the other hand, with these everything feels good. Word of honor, one-piece swimwear or closed, we can choose between many varieties.

There are many girls who are targeted in this fashion and us They show their proposals: showing different parts of the body and covering others. The truth is that If you know how to take it It can make you be a mermaid on the beach.

If you have not yet dared to buy one but like do it, ASOs It presents a thousand and one options. With much cleavage, asymmetric or with a large flywheel on the neckline. The truth is that all three like me so I do not know by What opt.

  • Swimsuit with back to the air of ASOs, 46,39 euros.
  • Loose belted asymmetrical wallwasher’s ASOs, 37.11 euros.
  • Swimsuit with steering wheel style 70 years of ASOs, 46,39 euros.