Types Of Motorcycle Jackets

Different types of motorcycles require different types of motorcycle jackets.

Types Of Motorcycle Jackets

You will see that all kinds of motorbike clothes and jackets depending on the use you give, from thick and heavy to thin and light, waterproof or not, with or without thermal fleece and very different materials there are.
Here detailed all types of motorcycle jackets to find which suits you.

• Touring jackets

Touring jackets are jackets designed to travel over long distances and offer the utmost comfort.

They tend to be versatile and usable items in different conditions to adapt to unforeseen events of a journey, with protections, detachable thermal lining, ventilation openings and variety of settings. Some all-in-one.

A good touring jacket includes a waterproof membrane, usually made in textile materials and can be both short and cut long three-fourths.

• Adventure jackets

Adventure jackets are jackets that are normally designed for motorcycle type trail and the practice of this discipline between on-road and off-road. They are lightweight jackets, with many ventilation openings and lots of pockets.

In addition, there are also designed for long trips of adventure, including both thermal and waterproof liners.


• Sport jackets

Sport, sports jackets or racing are very specific jackets made of leather, short and very tight. Very comfortable on the bike but somewhat uncomfortable when we are not on it.

They are very safe jackets leather offers maximum resistance to abrasion and feature generous protections, being ideal for sport bikes .

On the other hand, they do not offer a possibility of ventilation, are not waterproof, and usually do not incorporate removable thermal lining.


• Ventilated jackets

Jackets ventilated or summer are designed for very hot climates. They are very light jackets, manufactured with perforated materials that allow the passage of air and great ventilation that relieve the bike during the summer heat .

Do not incorporate any waterproof membrane and although they have protections the abrasion resistance of materials is very small.


• Cruiser jackets

Cruiser jackets are designed for the users of motorcycle cruiser or custom. They are made of leather, usually in black, and between the skin’s resistance and their protections are very safe jackets.

They are models where design is particularly taken care of, as in this type of motorcycle, and although they are not waterproof some Yes offer the possibility of a detachable thermal lining.


• Urban jackets

Urban jackets are jackets especially designed for bike in the city, offer a stylish and comfortable design that allows you to combine shipments on bike with the rest of normal life in the city, as a piece of clothing most.

They are jackets that don’t appear to be motorcycle jackets, but they incorporate protections and detachable thermal lining. It aims to go unnoticed like a jacket dress up more and they are very common among scooters .


• Rain jackets

They rain jackets are usually intended to cover other jackets, are made of waterproof materials and its function is to the prevent the passage of water in case of rain.

Since they are typically used with other jackets protection is minimal, they do not have thermal linings and their materials are very light.


• Jackets Enduro

Jackets of enduro are very specific jackets designed for the practice of off-roading with motorbikes in enduro. They are manufactured with materials resistant and light, not waterproof and thermal linings. Designed to make the most of the bikes off road .

They usually include several pockets, air vents, detachable sleeves and although some have protectors dispense many of them to be used on full protection bibs for use off road.