TT Network Covers South Funen, Langeland and Haderslev

The inhabitants in and around Haderslev, Faaborg, Svendborg, Tåsinge and Langeland and Ærø whole can now use Telia and Telenor’s new total 3 g network. View before and after pictures here.

TT network continues the merger of Telia and Telenor’s 3 g mobile network, and now it is the turn to the South, where Faaborg, Svendborg and the islands of Tåsinge, Ærø and Langeland has gotten markedly better 3 g coverage.

Telenor’s customers had earlier access to 60 3 g cell towers on South Funen, Langeland, Tåsinge and Ærø. From today, Telenor’s customers access to 3 g from around 107 cell towers.

But TT network has not only been busy at South for in Jutland have entire Haderslev and immediate hinterland also received better 3 g coverage after the merger.

About Haderslev have Telenor customers now have access to 51 3 g cell towers against previously only 29.

See how many more cell towers TT network now has in the two areas:

Graphical overview

Telenor’s technicians have produced a couple of pictures that show the effect of the merger. These images, however, is slightly different than the telecommunications company’s normal coverage map showing the coverage from Consumer Ombudsman guidelines, which have very different criteria for the illustration of the cover.

Remember, therefore, that the following images cannot be directly compared with the company’s normal coverage map.

Explanation of colors:
Blue color means 3 g indoor coverage
Red means 3 g “in car” coverage (i.e. coverage in car)
Green means 3 g outdoor coverage.

The pictures show only 3 g coverage, so any 2 g or 4 g coverage is not included.

You can continuously follow the merger of Telia and Telenor networks here.