tmas Decorations with Paper

Yes, I know it’s still early November, but preparations for the Christmas decorations you should start better quite early. Then there is still time and it must be done not fast. You can enjoy the Christmas period then also to the fullest.

This work is fun. The children can also very well here with help. It will be a nice Familienbasteltag.
I did two years ago this marbled and snowflakes. There are the Windows of our House. We show equal to our Christmas spirit. It is not difficult and costs almost nothing!

You need the following:
-white paper (copy paper is fine)
-a pair of scissors and embroidery scissors
-Pencil, Eraser, tape

Depending on the size of the window, you can choose a theme for your Christmas decorations. I love marbled, but a snowman, reindeer or Santa Claus fit of course also! Everything is made of white paper. It is easy and always available. In colored paper, the House quickly looks like a kindergarten. White is just fine!

Cut Snowflakes

Make a snowflake is as cut a doily. You have made that probably ever. You fold a rectangle three times and then little pieces and triangles cut out. Here, the children can help quite well! Make the snowflakes in various shapes and sizes. Snowflakes are not all equal.


Let’s cut the OWL. You might think that it is too difficult. But try to draw something. One immediately recognizes a big bird with big eyes, small ears and beak as OWL. If you need more inspiration, My our site check out: a blog just about owls. The little birds are optional. You can find them on line.

Tips for Cutting

-When cutting, turn the best paper and not the scissors. This is easier and is also better for your wrist.
-If you want to cut a hole, only pierce the scissors in the middle and then cut out to the edge.
-take for cutting the snowflakes several days time. Especially when the paper is thick, you very quickly get blisters on the hands.

In the picture here above phase 1 of the joining of the decoration. The snowflakes well spread and at outdoor look how it looks.

I had to fill several window and there also various Christmas chandelier to fit. Even if you have only snowflakes it will look great!
It’s actually a winter theme and not only Christmas decorations. So it fits just fine in November!
Have fun!