Tips for Wearing Leggings with Shiny Fabrics

The shiny fabric or metallic leggings, also called disco pants, made a huge success in the Decade of 70, Disco-era, and are back on the streets more current than ever. Comfortable and stylish, they can be used in all seasons and in many different looks. For you to invest in this play the wildcard wardrobe without getting too sexy in inappropriate moments, the Publisher sets Luciana Vasconcelos gives some tips.

For The Day

It’s not because it’s brilliant that you cannot use during the day. On the contrary, with the relaxation of spring and summer, they fall very well for a stroll in the Sun. “always place with sneakers, sneaker or even a sandal, since minimal and low. Finish with a blazer more serious to break the simplicity and sensuality of the pants, “indicates. Enjoy the season to wear the right colors, like red, blue, Orange and yellow.

For The Night

Will wear at night? Regardless of color, bet on the grasshopper. Shirts more fluid form a beautiful set, since the pants is very close to the body. Colors such as gold and silver are good for evening events, and requested they go with flat tops and white. Combine with your accessories like.

To The Work

The trend metallic leggings or disco pants can compose productions for the work, as long as the other elements are much more discreet. To the consultant, the ideal is to combine with tailoring, as blazer and shirt, and stylish shoes and closed. Avoid very high heels, which will give a very casual touch.