Tips For Proper Wedding Shoes

The summer months are ideal for weddings. But on the day of all days attracts not only the wedding dress all the attention, but also the matching accessories.While bridal shoes often remain hidden under tons of tulle and lace, the footwear of the groom may be to tip the scales. The gentleman’s blog gives tips on what’s shoes are suitable for the way to the altar and make the guests a fabulous figure.


A special day requires a special wardrobe, not only by the bride. Generally the wedding couple determines the dress code, but keep it most aspiring spouses at the dress code still classic: The bride wraps herself into the white or cream-colored wedding dress, while the groom to Cut accesses or Stresemann. So far so good. But it also applies the appropriate accessories to find along with wedding shoes.

Apart from personal preference to play in the clothing and shoe choice especially the venue and the overall style of the wedding a crucial role. Find the ceremony held in the church or at the registry office? If it is a free wedding ceremony in the countryside or even on the beach? Are the premises elaborately decorated or deliberately kept simple? The dress code should be self-evident justice to the formal occasion, but may like to also reflect the individual style of the newlyweds.


It goes without saying that the shoes of the groom are necessarily matched to the suit. If it is also a classic black wedding suit , already the question is unnecessary after each shoe color: For black suit solely black shoes fit, ignore the conspicuous Spectator once ignored. Fashionable uppers colors in green, red or blue are not suitable for traditional wedding wardrobe groom. In the modern business floor is brown men’s shoes have long been established as a fixed instance-but a brown leather shoe for black suit is an absolute faux pas.

For solemn event a gentleman should also another rule of thumb heed: the formal the occasion, the smoother the vamp. Holds husband on the wedding traditionally, it waives an opulent hole ornament, as is the case for example in the full-brogue. Speaking of smooth: Due to its glamorous appearance, many men of all days to decide on the date for a patent leather shoe. This exceptional men’s shoe is undoubtedly a glamorous choice, but it requires strictly the use of a tuxedo or tailcoat, ie the appropriate evening wear…

Conclusion: For the classic wedding wardrobe in black, gray or charcoal is consequently recommends a black Plain Oxford or Wholecut, the latter is, moreover, from a single piece of leather and is considered a symbol of highest art of shoemaking. A track dynamic yet highly elegant is a black Captoe Oxford with the eponymous decorative stitching on the toecap. The advantage: Even after the wedding convince those men’s shoes in the office. Gentlemen with a high instep, see the Derby a stylish as well as comfortable companion. A must is however an elegant outsole made ​​of leather and the color-coordinated Belts.


More and more wedding couples reflect on the joyful nature of a wedding and opt for a certain loosening of the classic etiquette. In terms of footwear gives a shapely hole pattern, ie the aforementioned brogues, elegant shoes classic black that certain something, after all, must also groom on their wedding day notice.

The modern wedding wardrobe inspired also by more daring colors. For elegant suit fabrics in blue, brown, gray or even a summery pastel adds a brown leather shoe outstanding style into the ensemble. Whether bright, medium, dark brown, cognac, red-brown or Bordeaux are ultimately against the respective suit color.Basically blends to dark gray or dark blue suit, a dark brown shoe, while the bright counterpart also the footwear should be chosen in a lighter shade of brown.

Conclusion: For the modern wedding wardrobe in gray and anthracite, a black Oxford brogues with suitable. At all other suit colors, especially at the blue tones, a brown or Plain Captoe Oxford is the more stylish choice. Of course, is the bridegroom even in a brown or burgundy shoe model an additional ornament free. But you remember: Non-black wedding shoes are in and of itself already an eye-catcher, on the other hand an additional ornament looks even more dynamic than the classic undecorated counterpart.


Other countries other manners. In Japan, France and the United States, which enjoys Spectator with its striking color pattern arrangement already great popularity among the wedding shoes. Friends of extravagance must therefore also on the wedding favor etiquette not forcibly renounce their personal style.

A striking pair of men’s shoes should then no way to compete with the rest of the clothes and about vying for the attention of its viewers. Carefully tailored to suit, shirt and accessories to add a blue Captoe Oxford, a fascinating two-tone or an iridescent glitter shoe in a stylish overall look.

Conclusion: Basically, choosing the right wedding shoe remains ultimately a matter of taste. In particularly unusual cases, it is advisable to match at least the Herzdame individual footwear needs-ultimately form the bride and groom also appears as one unit.