Ties: What Are The Most Common Patterns And Prints?

Now that you’ve met the most common types of fabrics for ties came time to stay within the standards and most popular prints and where your use is more appropriate. If you like any model, the link to purchase is just below the photo.

Patterns And Prints For Ties

1-False Flat

Woven plot itself (usually fabric) designs which are according to the incidence of light. Are generally more serious and four parts, making a nice pair with formal attire.


Are classic and work very well in the workplace, adding color to the visual, but without losing the class and discretion. The regimental or military are known to be composed of two thick lists (wine and marine are popular) interspersed by a thin and light-colored.


Goes from madras to the tartan can give a relaxed touch to the visual as well as draw attention to the chest and collar area, but it depends on a lot of the colors of the piece and the type of chess, the window pane, for example, is much more discreet.

… ….


Relaxed and jovial, they leave the visual lighter, especially when we’re talking about the Liberty prints with your delicate visual appeal. Can follow a custom if the occasion is not very buttoned-down, but also look great with a denim shirt and a Cardigan or sweater.

5/6-Micro X Micro Print Default

Micro patterns are small geometric designs that tend to create different effects depending on the distance from the observer. Are discrete and elegant, often attracting the look because of its colors and to be formed.A lot of people confuse with micro pattern, in this case we have small illustrations that are repeated like a wallpaper, can be animals, nautical symbols or any other topic of interest to those who use the accessory, and sometimes give room for jokes-type cartoon–ties that may not fit in a very formal occasion or at work.


Known in the U.S. as polka dots, ties are little dots that are repeated to form a perfect geometric alignment. Give a touch laid-back, but not enough to compromise the seriousness of costume.


The paisley is the Scottish version of the pattern known as cashmere (see more here), the standard drops contrived works great in ties and can hold between the discrete and the flashy, since you choose one whose colour combinations don’t jump too.


Very traditional and elegant, creates a beautiful visual effect in silk ties and has a cozy in wool or cotton, giving a slightly casual touch to the costume. Usually part of the plot, but can also be a geometric print.

Prints Of Ties For Use At A Wedding

Smooth are still the Favorites, especially at events very formal (black tie dress code optional), but the chess, the regimental stripes and micro patterns can give the guys in semi formal occasions.

Prints Of Ties To Professional Environment

Companies very conservative will admit only smooth ties, faux fabric flat, spine, Sidewinders, and maybe the standard micro or paisley, since most Liberals, but who still require social costume, allow chess, micro plate, poá, floral, besides the already mentioned types.

Much will depend on the colors you choose, a striped tie with the wrong colors will draw a lot of attention and become unsuitable for a serious professional.

Note: some prices were converted for brazilian currency, so may include differences in accordance with the fluctuation of the exchange rate.