Three Intense Summer Colors For Men Fashion

The summer is at its peak-theoretically well, he should, but in some places it shone far more rain and instability. Nevertheless, we consider it appropriate to take a hopeful view of the colors of the current season. If the sky is cloudy, at least the fashion has to serve as a mood enhancer. This is also true for men’s fashion, because even in the men it is significantly more colorful.

Red in all Shades

Tired of boring colors? How about red! Many labels have the power color used as a highlight in their collections: The shades range from bold orange-red (sweater from POLO RALPH LAUREN), an intense cherry (Polo of POLO RALPH LAUREN) to a bold Bordeaux (Shorts of REVIEW). Especially for Job & everyday the dark reds are also perfect, such as in the classic merino sweater from MARCH.

Brilliant Blue

Blue does not always come along only as an unobtrusive Marine. The possibilities are infinite shades of blue and extending from Royal (shirt by BILLABONG), on strong Azur (shorts by BOSS) and race (shirt by TOM RUSBORG) to bright turquoise (Polo from BOSS GREEN). Who now has a fear that the intense blue tones are difficult to combine, is mistaken. Blue can be like black or navy very well contribute to many colors, but has the advantage that it looks fresher and more radiant. Good combination partners are summer light, neutral shades such as white, beige & gray tones.

lush Green

Green is not just the favorite color of many outdoor enthusiasts, but is also very popular. The color accompanies us through the summer and will meet us in the coming autumn / winter season. But of course, Green is not just green: We will give a clear recommendation for all “rich greens” from. By this we mean Emerald (polo TOMMY HILFIGER), grass green (Shirt by POLO RALPH LAUREN) and Aqua (sweat jacket by REVIEW).