Thoroughbred Entertainer

The Sony Ericsson W950i Smart phone qualities wants to connect with a powerful music player. For a good ranking, but important features and a better operating concept missing the pretty boy.

Names can be fooled: the W950i is not the successor of the W900i. With its open operating system, the touch screen and the absence of a camera it will recommend rather than business class Smart phone. Sony Ericsson is thus in direct competition with Office experts such as the MDA Vario II from T-Mobile and the E61 by Nokia.With its huge memory and powerful music player, the W950i user promotes also as full-featured MP3 player.

A new concept that seems quite interesting at first glance. However, the W950i could not convince in our test. Read why it is enough for the smart Sony Ericsson W950i for 26th on the Smartphones.

Equipment: Data Sprinter

Sony Ericsson bought the W950i in addition to a huge memory also a powerful music player. USB 2.0 up to 480 Mbit per second makes for a lightning-fast transfer of data.

Phone functions
This weakens the W950i compared to other smart phones. Although three GSM frequency bands (tri-band) and two UMTS channels can be used, you must give up profiles and video telephony, however. After all, the device thanks to flight mode in aircraft may be used. You can dial numbers directly by keyboard, touchscreen or voice command. By voice control you the W950i but cannot.

The contact database contains as many entries and offers plenty of space per contact for additional information (address, numbers, etc.). User groups can indeed created but not provided with own ring tones. Sony Ericsson has also refused a Central Inbox. Emails, SMS and MMS messages arrive in two separate mailboxes. Only nine possible shortcuts are also more than just for a Smartphone.

Data functions
The W950i data transmission cuts a better figure. Especially Filmchenschieber and Musiktauscher can enjoy the fastest appropriate data transfer between PC and mobile phone. In less than two seconds large test file in the phone memory ended up our 3 MByte. The reason is a USB 2.0 interface with full speed support. Up to 480 Mbps can be so transferred in seconds. While the Smartphone is recognized by every XP machine as an external drive. Additional drivers not, need for rapid data transfer but the USB cable that came with.

There is also Bluetooth 2.0 and the good old infra – red interface. UMTS and GPRS are available for fleet Internet connections. Managed: Browser is Opera 8.0 for use. In the test, the surfing so that really was fun.Web pages build quickly and thanks to table, frame, and Java support as usual from the PC. You can navigate in comfort via touch screen and stylus. An integrated E-Mail client to request automatically provides you with the latest emails. Push email is also supported, however, the required software not included.

PDA / Multimedia: Music Hui, Office Pooh

The W950i is a Smartphone by definition, but has very little on the box in the Office. It look very different from when the entertainer-qualities, the music player is undoubtedly among the best of his Guild.

PDA functions
The W950i has nothing on the hat word processing, spreadsheet, or screen presentations with PowerPoint, with all of these features. Also PDF files can consider themselves with Board funds not on the Smartphone.You can use an extensive calendar including scheduling and task management.

Who wants to, can contacts, the software for notes, E-Mails, music and other media files match the computer is located in included. However, this doesn’t work in the fast full-speed mode. The USB mode to “Normal mode” and so on slow speed must be down regulated for the data matching. The matching of 1,000 contacts lasted more than four minutes in the test. Via Bluetooth and infrared, more in the country was again a minute.

Here no competitor doing in the W950i so easily, at least with regard to the music player. In the delivery State, the Smartphone has free powerful 3.9 GB of space.That’s enough music in average quality for good 1,300 MP3 songs or about 65 hours.Understand that the manufacturer waives an additional option for memory expansion.The player plays videos in addition to the popular audio formats – and that amazing liquid with up to 30 frames per second.

As I said: the W950i has to offer so far fastest data transfer between PC and mobile phone. In the express mode was a music album (10 tracks, 64 MByte) into slender 14 seconds.The player offers many ways to the collation, evaluation and classification of the stored songs. So mood and scores can be associated each piece. By ID3 filters the songs can then according to artists, albums, browse titles, moods, or the personal rating and create corresponding song lists.

The sound convinced: Sony Ericsson the W950i attaches a headset with well-fitting silicone pads. Graphic equalizer and eleven sound presets – including mega bass – make for neat Thunder in the earcups. Is a 3.5 mm jack plug adapter in the package, also receiving strong radio with RDS station identifier has a built-in Sony Ericsson.

Practice: Smart, But Slowly

The W950i remained in the test clearly underachieved. Among other things the measly battery and the missing QWERTY keys are responsible.

Facts & figures
The W950i measures only 106 x 55 x 16 mm, weighs just 112 grams and has amazingly lean mass for a Smartphone. It looks with his purple silver finish also noble and is also very comfortable in the hand. Little joy came up during the battery test: just time just over three hours kept by the power cell in continuous operation at full power. Much too short for a Smartphone!

When the W950i Sony Ericsson Symbian operating system uses 9.1 with UIQ 3.0 user interface, that drives the Sony Ericsson P990i.The menus are clear and new design. The developers have fine-tuned vigorously graphical support compared to previous versions. Properly liquid, the Smartphone just touch can be controlled, so two hands.

We missed in particular a navigation button in the test. The lateral dial does not replace in any case them in practice. Even the keyboard is very getting. The buttons speak different well and are not precise enough separated. As a real shortcoming we felt the lack of handwriting for whole words and their translation into print and the tiny virtual keyboard. Also, the pace of work of the W950i is anything but fast. Commands needed several seconds to perform, popup menus rebuilt sometimes quite slow.

Display and acoustic
The bright touch screen that resolves with 240 x 320 pixels, display 262,000 colors and is a good contrast on the day, bring neatly over videos. To protect of the display, Sony Ericsson makes a chic cell phone pocket with in the package. Pretty neat, the W950i acoustic test suggested: on the Smartphone – as well as on the fixed network end the interlocutors were easy to understand. At best the slightly dull sound on the mobile phone and the slightly too quiet handsfree disrupted us.

Conclusion: Missed Target

The Sony Ericsson W950i is nice to look at and has a really good music player. But that is not enough. Because of the handsome offers total enough to mix with in front.

The approaches are: large Touch screen, thickHow to contact with database, fleet data transfer and Memory fed up. The bottom line, Sony Ericsson makes it but too little. The W950i well below the expectations remained in the test: number 26 for the Smartphones and even only place 108 when the phones speak a clear language.

In the test, the W950i lost not only by its weak battery a valuable points. too missing profiles, the inability to assign other functions to the keys and the spongy keyboard not just positively impacted on the test score.

Test of patience
Added to this was a gradual work speed, which more than once was the patience of the tester to the test. After all, should be this problem after a software update from the table, Sony Ericsson promised us upon request.

However, which is unbeatable Music player of the mobile phone. One such good functionality coupled with massive storage and a thick sound us up to date even when no mobile came under.

The Smartphone qualities are important as a bigger memory and a powerful music player, which should be the Nokia E61 a look at. The number two of our Smartphone rankings many Office functions, also dispenses with a camera and is also quite cheap to have.