The Winning Formula

A good chassis, is a powerful engine is not the only thing needed to be a success in the Formula 1 world. Only drivers who understand the business, making the chances of success.

The Chassis of Formula 1: Compromise Between Speed And Grip

A good car starts with a good chassis. It should be optimal and aerodynamic strict safety requirements. And for the best handling also a time to have a low center of gravity. In search of the perfect balance between fast? And downforce all teams using wind tunnels. Most tests of wine? The place with scale models, but also work with life-size models. You can make it even crazier, with at the? The sample five cars at a time. This is useful to measure aërodynami? Economic changes during overtaking, when you come in or out of the slipstream of a vehicle in front.
Costing a one-hour tests in the wind tunnel a few 100 €?? p. In the development of a new model, it quickly thousands of hours in the wind tunnel. It is therefore logical that some teams, like Ferrari, for simplicity, but according to his own wind tunnel? Move. The most important factor that you can tell a race car is aerodynamically good, called the lifting of the draw. Lift is the upward force in a moving car? Find the wind, is to draw air again?Location to be overcome. It can only make a second per lap. It sometimes literally millimeters. At British American Racing is the Advanc? Ed computers for each circuit made ​​a sensitivity report so you can see exactly what the effect on the lap of a change in the capacity, weight or drag on the car.
Each circuit has its own characteristics. It has long straights with high top speed? Today, like Monza, the other is short and crooked, like Monaco. The differences? To use the circuits well, every race car specifically for this group of? Set. Important is the position of the wings flat, for higher speed, or slightly angled, for more downforce and thus better handling and cornering grip.
Furthermore, the relationship between the gears gene important: how long you should be able to get through a gear before changing. On a circuit with long straights driver selects “tall” gears. Also can be set suspension and damping, plus a lot of other things, which unfortunately largely fall under the ‘secret’.
In many circuits we already try a Grand Prix and of course you always have the data from the previous year. So you already know what a small adjustment that you need, but the finish is a matter for the drivers and engineers.

Engine: Expensive Horsepower

The vast majority of F1 engines are ten cylinders and a limited control cylinder? Derinhoud three-liter good for about 750 hp. It is not the law tend to coincide. A handful of extra horsepower makes the difference between the top teams and tobteam. But to find that extra force, must be the richer teams invest several million.
Ferrari is the only team that builds his own motorcycle run. All the other teams have or buy motorcycles. For example, the company llmor in British Brixworth responsible for the Mercedes engine in McLaren Mika Hakkinen and David Coulthard. Per year based llmor for the races and tests the McLaren between 60 and 65 engines.
The plant looks like a laboratory, and without proper magnetic pass, you will not get in there. People in white coats with precision instruments weather and computerge? Sensors send scan each item, after the irregularities.
Each time you start a new Formula 1 engine, it must be smaller and lighter than its predecessor. They try to take the utmost account of the wishes of the designers of the car, but conversely they also give us room for the engine.For some benefits you must now once a certain size. Well, you can try to build the engine so that the focus is as low as possible, because it’s a better car on the track. A car measures about 57 centimeters. He has ten cylinder?Managers. The crankshaft made ​​of steel, titanium connecting rods. Furthermore, there are aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber and used. Power, torque, speed? It remains a secret, but you can expect a power to 800 hp and a speed of more than 17,000 per minute.

Computers: Important And Elusive

Where no one will tell you about is the use of electronic tools. Traction for example, ensuring that the wheels do not tip if the driver gives a dollop gas. Especially in the beginning a great advantage. But traction control is prohibited. Yet there are strong suspicions that have ridden the law. Now you can with the help of com? Computer programs in all installation vehicles without prior notice. There are professionals? Program that deletes itself after the engine is turned off and then never found again his! Logically that internal? Tional Board has his hands full to catch cheaters.
? The only legal tool for cou Reurs speed limiter: When the car comes into the pits, the driver presses a button, and the vehicle may not be faster than the allowed 80 km / h. There were plans to also prohibit this, but all the drivers were totally against. Exactly 80 km / h, while the ears still Flute? In wind and engine noise of thick 300 km / h is just not possible. Without computers motor racing for the last twenty years unthinkable. It’s been like that at any circuit in the world can plug in your laptop and then directly to the network of your head? Offices in Brackley, England can sit. So you can if you want, in the pits to check your e-mail. But more importantly, technicians can turn the factory to see all the data from the cars. If we have a problem on the track, they can at the factory to look at what is happening and help find a solution.
Sometimes it takes a few seconds, but it can give real time savings to locate and correct problems. Computers are also helpful for the drivers. Per logs all data from the car and using a printer driver can see exactly when it accelerates, brakes and how hard he was pushing. Put your such a chart of that of your teammate, you can see where your time run down, or just have the advantage.

The Driver: Reflexes, Courage And a Muscular Neck

You can almost forget: even without a good driver, not the best car at the finish. In fact determines the driver if his car is the best car ranked by AndyOutdoor. Because only a good technical understanding of the driver during the test sessions for the crew explains how the car reacts in certain circumstances. And only then can the technical design of the bottom?Couples and S which can extract the driver maximum from the car brake balance so accommodating?.
In addition, the best riders in an excellent condition and quick reflexes. These reflexes they train with other fast-moving sports and computer games. While many riders through a personal Trai? Down fatigue. And rightly so, because on average one and a half hours on the accelerator and brake stairs and a live wheel draw, while forty or fifty degrees with a thick layer of fire retardant clothing in a tight? Pe cocoon strapped, you do not need to go into the old sit clothes. Not to mention the extreme g-forces that will comprise the neck especially during fast cornering.


A Formula 1 team is a complete business net average about three hundred workers. Good organization is perhaps the most important prerequisite for building a successful team. There were so many people on so many different things that you quickly run the risk the sum? Shaped people do things twice, that? Remaining while other things.Many people do not know each other what they are doing. On the one hand because you do not know anyone, but on the other hand, sometimes some things must remain secret.
Yet remain secret F1 rarely been hidden. Techniques have their eyes in the bag as they walk along the pit boxes from other teams, all go as soon as the doors closed or handles a wide Kleer? Box obstruct the view. In addition, do not stop all his entire life in the same team. It is a story about a smart technicolor Cus? As had already signed a contract with another team, but his last day at his old boss as a secret new part meepikte from a desk drawer.Sometimes engineers have concurrentiebe? Thing, “which means that they have a long time may not work for another team. As a designer Adrian Newey had to take a half-year break when he moved from Williams to McLaren. Of course he could, after announcing his transfer, including stroke Williams factory no longer. on average, there is a law about 60-70 people participated in the races. the races outside Europe, the figure is slightly less. But to work with each team also people who have never been in a Grand Prix. But all have a heart for motor sports. It is important that the entire organization feel part of the team. It is the best motivation.

Twelfth Man: Lenders

The millions who deal in Formula 1, is largely financed by sponsors. Sometimes companies give money, sometimes adding products or services available which would otherwise buy the team. So BMW supplying the engines.
Williams, who is worth approximately 2250000 euro. Ferrari has the biggest budget, according to experts, 12000000 euro. Of which consists of € 6500000 4250000 € sponsorship and technical support and products. The remaining EUR 1250000 prices money and share of revenue from television rights, which every Formula 1 team has the right ?.
These are amounts that small groups can only dream of. Yet in? Examples Minardi has a budget of 2500000 euro.Sponsors get the necessary publicity for their investment back, because Formula 1 races watched by 350 million viewers.
Special office holding exactly which team will be the longest in sight, and sponsorship is also the most expensive. In addition, sponsors during the Games invite guests to visit the Paddock Club, where they can meet with sumptuous dinners and business associates.
Another source of income for both the teams and drivers are becoming increasingly important, selling all kinds of products with names and logos of sponsors or portrayal? Things out of the car. Michael Schumacher and his manager Willy Weber was the first to seriously question this took?. They now also have a sales agreement with toy chain Toys “R” Us. Schumacher has been alone on the royalties of “his” red cap, of which an estimated two million units annually goes under the counter, a princely salary!