The Walking Dead Has New Game, Fear The Walking Dead: Dead Run

There are many games based on the universe of the comic and then The Walking Dead TV series. Android have a few: The Walking Dead season 1 and Season 2, The Walking Dead Road to Survival, The Walking Dead No Man completo Land and The Walking Dead: Michonne. It is clear that what we needed was yet another game masm and here we have it.

Several months after it was released in iOS, Android Fear The Walking Dead reaches: Dead Run, a game that as you’ve deducted is based on the spin-off from the main plot Fear The Walking Dead. The game is defined as a tactical runner, in which you must run and run, killing all the zombies (sorry, walkers) that intersect your way with the 40 weapons available.

Fear The Walking Dead: Dead Run is free, although there are many attempts within the game that uses the in-app purchase. The first episode of history is free, but you must pay 1.05 euros to get the second and the third. Similarly, you can buy other characters and weapons to use in your career.

The concept of the game is curious, with details that you should put an end to the zombies of your friends who stayed on the path. Basically all you have to do is play at the zombies to shoot or attack them with different weapons which you have, although it is easier to say it do that.

With one aesthetics of silhouettes in black and white draw enough attention and a perspective that changes frequently to avoid monotony, the game could be a success. However, the performance far from being optimized, and has trouble enough move its simple graphics.

Here, in addition, a small lag means a secured zombie bite, since the action is so fast that barely have time to sign even though it was fluid. It remains to be seen whether improves in the next updates.

Fear the Walking Dead:Dead Run1.2.2

  • Version of Android: from 4.4
  • Developer: Versus Evil
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Action