The Sunglasses

They all wear the Stars they love. Divas like Lady Gaga, Karl Lagerfeld and Elton John are without even hardly imaginable, and even the Pope has: the sunglasses. As an object of the 20th century it has become the head of all the fashionable accessories made. Here, their development began anything but shiny.

Whether as glare protection, masquerade, it-piece, fashion accessory or Workwear: The sunglasses cult. Some models are even as famous as many a film legend, such as Wayfarer in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and the “Blues Brothers” or the Italian Persol at “James Bond”. The glare protection is one of the classics of canvas and has now become a fashion statement for everyone. However, this was not always so. For a long time were sunglasses as medical prostheses, which have been associated with poor eyesight, defective vision or morbid sensitivity to light.


The beginning of the real sunglasses era dates the historians Karin Hartewig to the early 20th century. The need for protection against harsh sun rays recognized but also emperor Nero, said to have followed the gladiatorial battles exclusively by an oversized emerald green. The Eskimos were annoyed by the eternal blink and cut slits in seal ribs, through which they viewed the polar world. Really relevant are sunglasses but not before the start of the mobility, required as motorists and wood class tourist railway protection from sun, dust, smoke and wind. A first boom allowed the former “goggles” finally experience as Körperkult, sunbathing and outdoor sports experienced increasing popularity. Also famous aerobatic pilots and aerialists contributed to the prestige of a visual screen. Celebrities heroes of the air as the Freiherr von Richthofen – like as a result of his red beard Red Baron titled – are still associated with the former aviator goggles.

The development of the sunglasses went in many countries at the same time of equip. It was the accessory from the outset both the product quality Opticians and cheap mass-produced goods. In Germany, names like Busch, Emil and Nietsche, Zeiss and Rodenstock for the high art of the first optician. The latter was also the 1905 first glasses developed that actually protected from the ultraviolet rays. Protection or not, a fashionable design that we now associate with our beloved sunglasses let something to be desired at that time yet. After Hartewig were diving mask similar dust goggles in leather version with Rubbercords, patent leather versions with wire baskets, plan glasses and a wide margin and eyeglasses with masks made of silk, fabric and suede.