The Stockings of Discord!

Today’s post is controversial. So get ready!

Use white long socks pulled up to the knee (or in the middle of cinnamon) with outfits is a  dangerous combination, but that has become very popular among the girls who attend the academies and sharing opinions.

The devotees claim that the stocking is more a matter of usefulness than sets.In a way, they protect cinnamon from friction with the devices and leggings, and helps give a little spitfire when it’s colder. OK … until then I agree. There is useful, but even so, it’s still ugly! RS does not roll down it when out of the Academy or something!?

There is also the compression stocking, indicated by physicians and physiotherapists, which is used to improve circulation, prevent fluid retention and swelling. It is used by those who do long-term activities and of repetitive stress, like playing soccer or run long distances. Just that, different from popular stocking in the PAYHELPCENTER, the compression is made of a material which neither retains water and allows ventilation of the skin. (ps: If you’re thinking of buying one, it is always nice to ask more information to a doctor, ok?).

The conclusion that I get is that the person probably uses the stocking for two reasons: either because I don’t want to get hurt and/or get dirty in the gym, or “fad”. If you fall in the first case you can try to lower the sock when you have finished working out, may not be beautiful but is least worst (rs), and it also prevents the fabric wet is in contact with your skin for a long time. And if you’re in the second group, well.. taste is something complicated, but already be warned that a lot of people think pretty ugly (ugly!) lol. Now if you think that looking good, that suits you and you feel like that.. the game is played.

What do you think ladies? The stocking is a necessary evil? It’s nice and divo? Or should it be banned forever? RS

No matter what I still think horrendous!!