The Samsung Gear 2 – S2 Watches And New

The  Samsung Gear 2 is a smartwatch intended for followers of the Korean brand. Due to its operating system Tizen is not compatible with phones other than the Galaxy family.

Comment that as an extra the Gear 2, is one of the few smart watches with camera; In spite of this, at the moment it is no longer an interesting watch compared to the rest of smartwatches of the market.

Analysis Of Gear 2

There is a significant improvement between its model Samsung Gear, with its evolution this Samsung Gear 2 (version without camera Samsung Gear 2 Neo). The model sets aside the “Galaxy” tag for its range of watches.Although the Gear 2 is still thought to be an add-on for your “Galaxy” phone or tablet.

How Is The Samsung Gear 2?

Samsung presents us with this smartwatch, as we have commented, an improved version of the Gear, for it has improved its design, its applications and something that we ask all users: Greater battery autonomy.

To improve battery performance, or at least what they say from Samsung, Gear 2 is not an Android device but “works” with the Tizen OS. This system is similar to Android in terms of its operation but its autonomy is greater and perhaps more optimized for the Samsung smartwatch range.

By having our Samsung Gear 2 we will see that it is lighter than its predecessor, its weight does not reach 70 grams (and the Neo version at 55 grams). It is a robust but lightweight watch. It also has a 1.63 inch Super Amoled screen. And regarding its technical characteristics we can count that it has a dual core processor of 1Ghz, 512 of RAM and 4GB of internal memory (enough for the applications of the clock).

This Samsung model gives you the possibility to exchange the strap for others of different colors (although at present the colors are somewhat limited). The design as you can see lets us see an android clock or Tizen watch in this case, especially for boys with a very successful finish.

Samsung Gear 2 With Camera, Microphone, Pedometer… And What Else?

Well in this model of Gear 2 you will find your front camera. A camera with 2Mpx and Full HD (pefect for selfies). It is a demand of many people to have a camera in these devices. Another accessory we will have in our Samsung Gear 2 is a front microphone. But forget about videoconferencing even if you have the two necessary devices (micro and camera), for now it is not possible … If you can upload your photos directly to Istagram, for example, with this model of smart clock.

With its Bluetooth we can connect them to our devices (mobile phone, headset, etc). It also has infrared (you do not have the TV remote at home, it does not matter anymore). Another supplement is a sensor to measure our heart rate and a pedometer.

As it can not be otherwise, the Samsung Gear 2 will give us access to the notifications that arrive at our mobile, control of calls, access to our calendar, an application of email, etc.

It is IP67 certified , so it is “supposed” that it is resistant to dust and water (do not submerge more than one meter and “soak” in fresh water if immersed in salt water).

You are an athlete, you can use a Samsung Gear 2

In the market today there are quite a few sports watches better than the Gear 2, but it is still an option. As we said before, this Samsung model has a pedometer (measures our steps), heart rate control, and an exclusive application to measure your physical activity. Perhaps these utilities would have to be preferred by Samsung (eg: The pedometer must be activated), but less than a stone.

Also something that I quite like this model, is that you can listen to music without the need to have to carry the mobile phone . And is that with the Bluetooth connection of this smart watch we can connect it with our Bluetooth headset and listen to music while we are in the gym or run down the street.

In summary

Do you have other Samsung devices (of the Galaxy family preferably)? Surely this is your smart watch… It has enough functionality, a good design and Samsung warranty. Although it does not have Android you should not worry about it as it will be an increasingly common fact that manufacturers are looking for alternatives to Google’s quasi-monopoly with Android.

Pros Samsung Gear 2:

Greater autonomy of the battery and it is not necessary to connect it directly to the network (it is connected to an adapter that brings the watch).The battery life is usually between 3 – 6 days depending on its use.

Design, exchange straps… It makes a nice and comfortablewatch.

Different functionalities. A watch for those who like to try and try.

It has camera and microphone.

Pedometer and heart rate control (not very effective).

Less Good Gear 2:

– Compatibility with Samsung devices only (mobile phones and tablets).

– The S-Voice voice search system is not very useful (it is faster to take the phone out of the pocket).

– The camera and microphone isnot suitable for video conferencing.

– Dependence of Samsung for applications (Although the clock brings home more than enough).

The price of Samsung Gear 2 on Amazon is around € 299 .

If you do not see utility to the camera you can get the model Samsung Gear 2 Neo (without camera) for about € 100 less (NOT AVAILABLE).

§  Samsung Gear S3 And Fit 2 Devices

Samsung is still betting on smartwatch, and the next GEAR S3 is expected to be introduced soon.

Little is known even from this Samsung watch, although there are rumors that the price will be lower than the current model S2. It is also known to follow the line of the previous model (circular shape, bevel to move, and so Tizen).

We hope to have more information on this new watch in the coming weeks.

The device that has been updated, and is being a revolution in sales is the bracelet Samsung Gear Fit 2 , of which we have made a complete article that you can read in the previous link.

The activity bracelet, appeared a few months ago in the market, but with a nice design (Super Amoled curve and touch screen), and with extensive functionality (GPS, pedometer, bluetooth 4.2, …), has become a wearable of reference.

With these new devices Samsung wants to continue giving coverage to its range of wearables, but this time think of greater compatibility with phones other than your own company.