The Nixon Mission Android Wear for Surfers Resists 10 Atmospheres of Pressure and Bumps in The Snow

The entrance of the manufacturers of traditional clocks in the world of the Android Watches is causing a diversification and welcome, at least for those who can afford an increase in quality that is very.

The last company to make the leap is Nixon, arriving in this segment without losing his rebellious, sports and a little pija vein. Its first model, called Mission, is aimed at lovers of surfing and snowboarding or skiing equally by applications that have included both the robustness of its manufacture.

10 atmospheres of pressure-resistant

Nixon Mission mounted a SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100, newly released by the chip maker, locked in a box of 48 mm in polycarbonate which ensure that it is superduradera, AMOLED screen protected by Gorilla Glass and stainless steel bezel 316 L surgical.

His promise is a great resistance to blows, both screen and full system and also pressure. Ensure that it is possible to dive to 100 meters below the sea level. It is postulated as a good diving with a proper app companion, at least it is more versatile than traditional computers.

Here we have one of the first Android Wear with the Snapdragon Wear 2100, which Qualcomm would allow devices smaller 30% and 25% more efficient. In the presentation does not come any battery life data and still have to put it to the test.

As we have already seen in other Android Watches as the Motorola, the design is a little taste of the consumer thanks to the straps and interchangeable bezels. The main line is a classic casual segment.

Apps for athletes and pretty faces

Despite the limitation of the Android Watch to differentiate themselves from one another, a company that has always stood out for its strong personality like Nixon wasn’t going to enter this field to be a clo. The sporty character is not only in the hardware, also emphasizes it with two applications on meteorology that should help users decide when getting into the sea or go to the mountain.

PFP Mission offers climatic conditions in time real and connects to networks of Surfline and SnoCountry to inform the temperature inside and outside the water, the force and direction of currents, the anticipation of waves or the type of snow, the cumulative amount or the surface temperature.

On the other hand, also includes the app Trace, General, with which to track activities and daily statistics. There are all common options for Android Wear as the control voice, connection with Google Fit, etc..

Its main face also has a trick. The user can set the display with five of their models from collection design male: 51-30, Sentry, Player, Ranger and Unit. Between the exterior design and this option can go quite unnoticed.

Anyone interested in this product can already sign up on the Spanish website of Nixon, but not be released until next fall. The price will be $ 400 in the United States, so to prepare other so many euros to get it.