The New Jeans

Long ago we told you about a line of innovative Bugaboo strollers for tejano style. But as in almost any firm related to childcare, serves the renew or die, so we have the new prams Bugaboo Denim 107, to go to the game with our jeans.

It is that they have been successful these carts for infants with tops and denim bags, I’m not surprised, since they give a very modern and different to the pram touch. So they just throw these new models-jeans.

Within the line denim Bugaboo Denim 107 at the moment models are put on sale Bugaboo Chameleon (over 1000 euros) and the Bugaboo Bee (something cheaper, around 600 euros). Both with aluminum chassis, with all the benefits offered by this brand and fully wrapped in woven cowboy.

Here you can see new Bugaboo Denim 107 carts in action, game with dad jeans. By the way, I like that in the ad are two popes who carry the stroller, every time the male figure appears more incorporated into the care of the baby.

We had what I recently: Kate Moss going to repeat as a jeans designer for TopShop. The new collection the British top for the British firm will go on sale September 7 but, at the moment, we have a step forward.

Specifically, these jeans campaign that you see in the image above. What do you think? No doubt, love the model because he has not able to wait for its launch to take them.

I guess they are the advantages of being a designer: You can take your clothes before it goes on sale. For the rest of mortals, if you are interested in these jeans, you will have to wait a few more days.