The Last Beta of Facebook Messenger

Quick response, or Quick Reply, is a new feature introduced in Android by means of which you can reply to notifications directly from the same. The system is very good, very fast it is less intrusive than the floating windows with which other applications have attempted to fix the ballot.

So far we have seen the Quick Reply running on a very select list of applications like WhatsApp, Hangouts, or Messenger (Google messages application), which is not bad considering that it is a function for an operating system that is not yet final. Now another big joins the party, the latest beta of Facebook Messenger also support fast responses from notifications.

This function is already enabled in the beta Facebook Messenger available on Google Play. If you’re not a beta-tester, you must give you high before to start to receive beta versions as updates, or download the version 74 from APKMirror. As a curiosity, the new emoji announced Facebook yesterday are not included yet, at least for now.

As is obvious, the quick answers they only work if you have Android N. If you have an older version of Android and are interested in responding to notifications directly from them, you can accomplish something similar with QuickReply, an application of which we spoke a few days ago.