The Internet of Things Android Begins to Move at CES: LG, ASUS, Marvell…

Before the end of the year I threw some predictions related to Android by 2016. Among them one step ahead of brightness and Weave, mentioned the Internet platforms of what Google is trying to push forward as standards to communicate all kinds of connected objects. LG has been the first to confirm that they will bet by this technology to link to all devices that launch to the market this year.

In the first bars of the presentation of LG at CES, the Korean company has announced that all devices for the home that have Wi-Fi and need to communicate with other gadgets will make it using Brightness, an Android-based platform You can link devices. For all else, we will have Weave to build bridges with other standards of IoT.

The deal is official, but LG does not give more details of the devices itself

The first devices that will benefit from this new development are the products of LG Signature, name that the Korean company chose to nominate all your home devices. Under this umbrella, we are appliances of all kinds and also all televisions that, like in 2015, will return to bet through screens OLED.

The agreement with Google already total seems to own Gayathri Rajan, one of the main responsible for shine, has been onstage at LG at CES to talk about this Alliance. Pity that have not given further details in this regard, we will have to wait for the fair to forward a bit to learn more about what we can do with LG devices.

This has only been the first important presentation at the CES. We’ll see if other brands such as Samsung or Sony (which will make announcements later) are added to the cart and also release products that work with brightness or communicate through Weave. Remember that in Engadget both Xataka Android we are covering all the news of this fair in Las Vegas.

Other manufacturers joining Sheen and Weave at CES

LG has been the first to make an announcement big at CES related to brightness and Weave but there are more companies that have joined to follow these protocols of communication powered by Google. ASUS has also announced the creation of a hub that will serve to unite devices. They have not given more details regarding this but the Taiwanese company says that we will have more news over 2016.

Kwikset, the creators of locks connected to the network, have announced that they will have a model that works with Weave at CES. I.e. * be able to use our Mobile Android to open a door * in order to pass only the device near the lock. When is identified on the network previously.

Marvell, not to be confused with Marvel, has announced the creation of a Wi-Fi chip that works with Weave. This announcement is like the hub of ASUS. It is not a final technology but a means to facilitate the connection between devices in a network. Face manufacturers who want to make sure your objects are connected, “only” would have put this chip.

Lastly Harman has also announced that they will work with brightness and Weave but this is by far the more ambiguous announcement to date: no concrete how will work or not what are developing at the moment.