The Importance of Touch in Relation to Two

The importance of touch in relation to two is much more relevant than what we judge. Touch is important throughout the day and is present in a hug, a care, a massage. The touch is very present in the initial phase of affective relations and decreases with the routine. Get to know the main benefits of this gesture.

The Importance of Touch in Relation to Two

Our posture, movement and expressions reveal desires and emotions. We do not communicate only verbally, but also through the touch we can transmit and interpret emotional content, hence the importance of touch in the relationship to two is very studied and valued.

The skin plays a major role in human relationships. “Touching” can be defined as the action of feeling something by hand, touching, touching, sensitizing, that is, it can be everything that happens between one body and the other, intentional contact between two people, stroking, holding, stroking .

The importance of touching is not just about communicating. It reveals a great amount of information about the state of mind of who touches us, as for example, if the person is relaxed or tense. It stimulates nerve endings of the skin, triggering sensations of pleasure, therefore, touching is more than a simple physical contact.

We do not feel the benefits of touch only when we are touched by others, but also when we are touching. The person who gives a hug has as many benefits as the person who is hugged.


Touching is the first direction to develop and is the main way of giving love to a baby. We begin to receive tactile signals before birth, for the vibration of our mother’s heartbeats is amplified by the amniotic fluid. A mother’s touch increases mother-child attachment, eases pain, transmits security, and, depending on the type of touch, can generate positive or negative emotions.

In the early stages of life the baby explores the world through touch, bringing to the mouth all that surrounds him. This act gives comfort and self-esteem and stimulates the creation of a strong bond between parents and baby, being fundamental in the emotional and intellectual development of the baby.

Tactile stimulation is a necessary experience for the behavioral development of all of us. Restricting or depriving tactile and manipulative experiences early in the life of the baby may compromise his tactile and affective behavior in the future.


One of the keys to a healthy and lasting relationship is to maintain physical intimacy. Touch is vital and brings the couple closer together physically and psychologically:

a – Reduces stress: a caring for the right person at the right time helps relieve stress; the touch relieves the physiological response to stress, lowering blood pressure and cortisol;

b – It improves the relationship of the couple in general: several studies have proven the important power of massage; the benefits are not only for those who receive the massage, but also for those who do, as they also experience a reduction in stress hormones; the stronger the reciprocity of touch, the more likely someone is to report emotional intimacy and satisfaction with the relationship;

c – The couple approaches: affectionate touch stimulates feelings of trust and strengthens the affective bond; even the accidental touch between the couple creates union and intimacy; demonstrates support, acceptance and promotes individual well-being.


The importance of touch in relation to two has been well studied and proven. In fact, in many circumstances the touch is stronger than the verbal or emotional contact. It is critical to the growth, physical and mental well-being of all of us.

We often underestimate the importance of physical interaction with the person we love and we lose the connection and intimacy that was present at the beginning of the relationship. So now that you know the tremendous importance of touch in the relationship, take care of who you love and care for most: embrace, cherish and release all stress hormones.