The Fusion of Google Messaging Services Is Called Babble

Not long ago we saw that it was approaching the merger of Google instant messaging services, in particular services of Google Talk, Google Hangout, Google Voice (in countries where it is available), Google Chat, Gmail Chat and Google +, a merger that is expected to last more than half a year.

Today emerging leaks that would confirm the progress of this project who would only use an application that sync with all Google services in a more natural way, making less messes to users, who may have various instant messaging applications both on their mobile devices and web applications.

Such leaks to this project is being done from scratch to ensure that it works perfectly in all the services. Other things that have been left to filter is one of their possible name: Babble, whose closest to the Spanish translation is the talk.

The logo as seen previously on some devices with Chrome OS and would have hangouts, send files, emails and images from a single chat window. It is likely that this service is announced within the Google I/O this year, which will take place within a few months, event in which expected more news regarding Google services.