The Famous Pajamas

Normal is not that people will stroll the streets dressed in their night attire, and when I say evening dress I mean pyjamas, not to a smart dress or suit tailor in the case of boys. However, it seems that the Scanty Pajamas have become crazy to many of the famous now definitely I feel in confidence to show us that he is wearing in bed.

The Pajamas come covered with fun prints, are soft, comfortable and are available in different models. There are thermal, shirt and short, Nightgowns, set of pants and shirt of long or short sleeves, leggings and more. you choose the design and the model that I was most appropriate to your needs.

On the other hand Rachel Bilson, Mischa Barton, Shannon Elizabeth and Adrien Grenier already they seem to have chosen a classic model of pants and long sleeve to overwinter well warm. They can be purchased online at Shopintuiton, Nessa Lee Style or Hippy Chix shop.

Garments of male style they are fashionable, trend that also moves to the Pajamas. Its success? Despite being straight cut models are very sensual. So it is a good idea to ask to the Three kings.


The masculine cut pyjamas they are characterised by its straight lines. Top usually buttons and lapel and pants is wide and one hundred per cent male. And if they are over blue or patterned stripes, it could be your boy pajamas. but isn’t yours and up rhinestone sexy when going to sleep.


There are designs with a more feminine touch thanks to liberty flowers or the dots.


This season are the tartan pictures and see them in a multitude of Pajama pants, combined with simple cotton shirts, also with certain male air.


An economic idea (do not exceed 20 euros), very useful and convenient to ask the Magi from the East.