The Dock Is a New Danish Produced Table Stand for iOS Devices

A new Danish produced table stand for iOS devices are on the market. View price and availability here.

The company Aluminimo is behind a new Danish produced dock for iOS devices that make it possible to have your phone or Tablet standing visible, whilst it is either connected to charger, computer or installations.

Where the dock is different from other table holders is that it can be set in “rygstøtten”. It provides the versatility to fit many different sizes so the tablets and phones-as well as with and without cover.

To start with come dock for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad-in two different versions. This means that there will be a version for the old 30 pin connector from Apple, as well as a version for the new lightning connector.

It also means that the Aluminimo have chosen to develop a dock that fits into the old Apple products with the old connector.

-“The reason why we have a model to 30 pin connector is that there are very many people who own an iPhone 4, iPad or an older URf.eks. an iPod Classic. And they must of course not be tricked, that is why we have also developed an adapter to the dock, which makes it possible to change the dock from the 30 pin to fit to lightning Jack, “says Mads Miltersen, Designer and Architect by Mads Miltersen Design, to

The dock is Aluminimos first product, since they usually helps other companies with the development of new productions.

-“We can hopefully also soon launch dock for products with micro-USB, URf.eks. Android phones and tablets, “adds Mads Miltersen.

You can buy the dock at our site for 399 kronor apiece. Adapter from 30 pin to lightning costs 30 kroner.