The Corner Indie of Google Play, a Space Reserved for Quality Games

There is a new section on Google Play devoted exclusively to the gamers. It is called Indie corner and it contains a selection of titles that share that independent spirit during development. It is a showcase where he pointed out that more likelihood of success have because all of them must have previously passed a quality filter.

Thus is released another new feature that the company presented during the last GDC March 2016, which was also announced the possibility of testing games before you buy them for a maximum of ten minutes, directly linked to the results of searches.

In the first selection they have entered 15 games for Android very different between them, but with a common factor, have a superior four star rating. There are free download and payment of up to four euros. Multitude of genres: platform, action, ships, strategy, arcade or puzzle.

There will also be those who think that a collection of simple titles graphics with is pixel, a very common association with the indie, but here there are works such as Brave Guardian or Mighty Crew: Millennium Legend with more than remarkable artistic or technical sections.

There is a dual purpose clear in this movement. Take out the outstanding titles so that these developers have older recomensas for his work and, at the same time, show Google Play also an interesting catalogue of video games Beyond the puzzles there is in imitation of Candy Crush, as the SailorMoon Drops that has just been released in Europe.

A good measure to differentiate these small developments that make established companies, which is ordered in the selection of our experts section. They have their audience and now it is easier to be with him.