The Christmas Gifts: Toys for Babies

So it’s Christmas! And when it comes to choosing a gift for a child, rest assured, 10 out of 10 of them want to win toys. But since there are thousands of options, it is difficult to decide which will please more, so let’s give some suggestions of gifts that usually make a lot of success among the little ones. Our first tips are for baby toys.

Babies also like toys, although they are often tiny to catch. The toys for baby are meant to stimulate sight, hearing and motor skills. So, this Christmas who has a baby in the family or even a friend, you can choose a toy.

Check out our recommendations for baby toys from Themotorcyclers!

Mobile for crib – mobiles are not exactly for the baby to play, but still represent an entertainment for the little ones. Installed in the crib, babies are distracted by watching the cute little pets and some models are musical to make the baby more relaxed. And they can be used since newborn, but be careful when the baby starts to sit, it can pick up the mobile and cause some accident.

Rattle – one of the first toys of the baby, recommended from the 3rd month of life, the rattle contributes to the development of hearing and vision of the baby, this because it has strong colors and a nice noise to the baby. There are various themes of rattles, seabed, pets and familiar characters such as Pooh Bear, Hello Kitty and Cars.

Riding blocks – are traditional baby toys, stimulate the imagination and motor coordination, made with large parts to prevent the child put in the mouth, are well colored, there are several options, including for babies from 6 months.

At Baby Lover stores you will find several options for baby toys, the difficult thing is to choose just one!