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With WearFaces, you will find a wide range of free skins for your smart watch – or create yourself so.

Wear of Android is Google’s platform for smart watches and the competitor to Apple Watch. As already in the smart phone counterpart Android, one of the big advantages over the Apple system should be the openness and adaptability of wear. With WearFaces about you can customize completely the appearance of the so-called “Watchfaces”, so the default screen, indicating time and date you.

Wearfaces – time according to your wishes

To do this you can download different Watchfaces as ZIP file from the manufacturer’s website – already, there is also a “Pear” theme that mimics Apple’s clock. It is then imported into the app and transferred via Bluetooth to your smart watch. Who want to create yourself a theme can do that: you either import individual files for background and all three pointers, or only for the background and insert a digital display and a date.
Bottom line:WearFaces is an app for anyone who can do anything with the standard Watchfaces of Android wear, or own one want to tinker. The site already offers a decent selection of designs, even though the platform is still relatively young.
Note: This application requires Android OS 4.0 or later. About the download button, you will be redirected to the Google Play Store through which you can install the software.