The Cell Phone Is It Young People at Least Will Lose

A new study shows that the mobile phone has become the most precious asset for young people between the ages of 18-34 years.

The mobile phone has now overtaken, both wallet, keys and credit cards, as the asset most 18-34 year olds loath will lose. This is shown by a new study from Telia and YouGov.

Last year, a similar study, but Telia here it was still home to the keys, which were the “most precious” assets in all age groups. But now it has so changed among the young adults and Telia is in no doubt why.

-“Our mobiles accommodates gradually very many private information and information such as address books, photo albums, calendars, as well as access to the mail box, online banking and Facebook account. All of this content means that it is fire-too bad to lose memories and notes with your phone at the same time as it presents a security risk, because the phone has access to both the economy and other sensitive information, “says private Customer Manager at Telia, Christoph N.

Due to the new study recommends Christoph N also remember to take regular back-up of your phone contents, as well as ensure the phone with code and, optionally, a “remote wipe function” which can remove personalized content from a distance.