The Celebrities Choose Sandals

With high temperatures we finally cease to see both look for sandals with socks and these go to show off solo to let the foot breathe and go cooler (although who prefer sock for this reason, beyond each). For some time the most shoes have been disappearing from the looks of the famous and the streetstylers.

We take note of some models that more you are repeating these days starting with Elle MacPherson, which leaves us with a perfect set that could well be entering the special jacket pants for work yesterday. Flat sandal leather with a casual set of 10.

First and foremost comfort: flat sandal

If I want to comfort, we are going to end up betting by the sole flat sandals It can be stylish equal or more than the others, especially because it will not be so necessary to a workshop to take depending on which models. An option in grey fixes us a basic.

Kate Bosworth proposes a model made with a leather design more beautiful but just as wearable with any look. She opts for cropped trousers with a black knitted sweater.

Jessica Alba is not complicated juggling in the air with the heel and even less with the pregnancy. A few black leather sandals with a minimum heel but almost negligible.

The fashion of the Roman sandals It is no longer so obvious but yes follows being seen in different styles over fine. It is a model that is fantastic with the maxifaldas of printed paisley’s face to the hippie trend.

High heel sandals

As much as we talk about comfort smooth plant at the end the high heel model is the choice to switch or for a few hours. They combine equally well for a basic and timeless look of street.

That face to the latest trends of the summer with the romantic fashion and braided raffia bags. Not to mention the large hats.

In order to find a complement to those red shorts that we have bought us light brown sandals are perfect since we can also add a blazer to the set.

An idea which you are running the famous crossing strips, as Reese Witherspoon with a pair of jeans for the day to day.

Or Kirsten Dunst recently at the Festival de Cannes 2011 with a dress of Chloe of which many were captivated.