The Camera of the Huawei P8

The camera is the highlight in our view, drawing the Huawei P8 from. By its resolution of 13 megapixels on the back and the 8 megapixel on the front but it is currently almost unbeatable. It provides pictures of excellent quality, which is partly due to the many technical features that has integrated the smart phone.

The following options for creating highly professional images are available:

Optical Image Stabilizer: this can remain permanently set and thus include blurred photos of the past.

Ultra Wide Angle (Panorama): so fit, for example, more than one person on a photo or a landscape can be clearly displayed:

Vorschaufbild: small window as an indication, where to look for a Selfie

Beautification mode: adjustment of 0-10 to a Selfie or even verschöneren a normal photo. What therefore is possible to show you the following 3 pictures

Light Graffiti: here, the exposure time is extended so that, for example, with a torch lights can be painted on the picture

Taillight traces: in this mode can be snapped interesting pictures of moving objects such as cars or people.We tried this out on an evening in Egypt, where many lights illuminated the beach. These photos came about this:

Silky water and star trails: two ways that the long exposure time of the Huawei P8 use. This can be achieved by running water is taken more or less smooth.

Best Photo (CS): with this setting, the camera shoots 20 pictures and the best of them (or more) you can choose then. Alternatively, this also works by simply holding down the shutter button. We tried the special features for the following photos

These were among the most important features of the camera, the P8 offers many more, which can be seen in the screenshot below. Your creativity knows virtually no limits and it’s really fun with the Huawei P8 camera to photograph.

Here are a few snapshots from our vacation and at home. None of the images shown in the report was edited in any way. We want to show you the unadulterated truth of the quality of the photos – and may well be proud,

Video Funktionen des Huawei P8:

Stop / Next button : so can the video recording be interrupted as often and be resumed with another click.

Photo key: a click, and you can simultaneously while recording video take a snapshot

Lapse: a fun feature, can be rotated with the video, in which the moving objects move much faster

Director Mode: This feature was us entirely new. The user has the opportunity here to create a group in which up to 3 more Android can participate users. The director sees all images of the respective user and can thus select the different perspectives that provide it with the other visitors.

Sound and microphone of the Huawei P8

The volume of the device is sufficient and also the sound through the headphones or the smartphone is clear and full. “Roll over” Only when a higher volume sounds depending on the music sometimes. But since this is not always the case, we see it only as a small gripe.

During a telephone conversation I had partially minimize the volume, especially with interlocutors with some louder organ. The voice I could always clearly understood and also the caller I confirmed this.

The sound quality when shooting video is also good. It is easy to understand speech and background noise are not dominant.

Games on the Huawei P8:

But Stefan is responsible and he has to date 3 games tested, which all run smoothly and cleanly. The three games are: Fight Back, into the Dead and Fallout Shelter.

The software of Huawei P8:

In P8 Android 5.0 preinstalled Lillipop, and the in-house software EmotionUI 3.1, which gives the smartphone individuality. The surface looks tidy and well thought out with the control options. That even I very quickly so deal came as a die-hard iOS Userin, speaks for itself. Or rather, it indicates again that here indeed Android and iOS functions were combined. Huawei provides with the P8 to a fundamentally well-designed software that deals with other manufacturers can compete.

Conclusion for the Huawei P8:

We have tried, in our report to identify the key details and features clear and understandable. If we go further into the depths of the article would probably ad infinitum. Every smartphone owner can confirm how extensive such a device in detail.

The Huawei P8 was & Design, usability, software functions and especially the camera fully convince us with regard to appearance.

Of course, not everything that glitters is gold and we also have a few criticisms found:

  • battery life could be better
  • the charging time is also
  • the device popped easily from the hand
  • lack of 5GHz WLAN

All in all, however, these criticisms with respect to the extensive possibilities and the actual price of 440 euro are almost negligible. A comparable smartphone is offered at the competition usually at a much more expensive price. Thus, the Huawei P8 a recommendable alternative, which convinced us entirely. We therefore awarded 9 points out of 10.

Thanks to Instyle that we were selected for this test product.

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